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Yoemen pick up district win over McGregor

The Yoemen won a back-and-forth game against McGregor 61-57 Tuesday night in McGregor. At the end of the first quarter Cameron was down by one point, 14-13, but came back with a strong second quarter scoring 17 points to lead 30-23 at the half. The second half of play was very even, with the Yoemen scoring 15 in the third quarter and McGregor scoring 16. McGregor just couldn’t quite catch up to the halftime lead Cameron had in the second half and they fell to the Yoemen 61-57. The Yoemen’s top scorer was Dre Booze with 20 points. Thomas Melton and Kobe Young each added 11 points. Others adding points were: Kadrian Hammond with 10, Braden Brashear with six, Calvin Stewart with two, and Chris Johnson with one. The Yoemen dropped one to Lexington 64-56 on Jan. 4. Scoring for the Yoemen were: Dre Booze with 20, Calvin Stewart with 14, Thomas Melton with eight, Greg England with eight, ZaKorien Spikes with two, Kobe Young with two, and Dashon Smith with two. The Yoemen will host Academy on Friday night at Yoe Gym. Games begin at 5 p.m. They are set to host rival Rockdale on Monday, Jan. 14, at Yoe Gym.

Junior Varsity

The Junior Varsity A team won their 12th straight game 56-47 over McGregor. KeVaugn Booze lead the way with 18 points. Brent Wright added 11. Others adding points were: TK Young with nine, Brayden Hollomon with six, Jayden Sanchez with six, Davarius Bynaum with two, Will Scott with two, and Asioun Haynes with two. The A team also beat Lexington 67-27 on Jan. 4. Scoring were: KeVaughn Booze with 11, TK Young with 13, Jaiden Sanchez with 11, Brayden Hollomon with 10, CJ Taylor with six, Davarius Bynaum with four, Will Scott with four, Asioun Haynes with four, Brent Wright with three, and Billy Collier with one. The Junior Varsity B team won their seventh straight game 63-38 over McGregor on Tuesday night also. Scoring were: Adam Cardona with 12, Phaibian Bynaum with 12, Nolan Brashear with 10, Kai Reynolds with 10, Javoun Goldsby with 10, Aarick Nelson with five, and Davioun Scott with four. The Yoe Junior Varsity B team also beat Lexington 61-25 Scoring were: Phaibian Bynaum with 16, Adam Cardona with 12, Javoun Goldsby with 11, Nolan Brashear with nine, Davioun Scott with four, Kai Reynods with three, Ryan Muniz with two, Antonio Flores with two, and Aarick Nelson with two.

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