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TISD School Board plants seeds to success

Every January School Districts across Texas celebrate School Board Appreciation month. Every community, large or small, has seven community members that serve to make policy and set budgets. Thorndale ISD is truly blessed to have the very best group of board members in the whole state of Texas. Our members all have full time jobs but they still find time to serve the students of TISD. Many people think that the role of a school board member is just attending one meeting per month. There is so much more to it than that. Of course they attend our regular board meetings on the second Monday of every month. What most people don’t know is that they have to read what is usually a 200-page book of reports, budget, data, and other types of information that is sent to them a few days before each meeting. Not only do they have to read this but they also have to take the time to understand what it says and ask questions if any clarification is needed before the meeting. Our board gives up their free time throughout the year to attend many hours of training. They work very hard to be experts in the field of school finance and governance. They are tasked with making sure that every child is getting an excellent education. There may be towns where this is the end of a board member’s duties, but not Thorndale. You will see our board members pretty much everywhere. They are at all of the ballgames, plays, track meets, band competitions and anywhere else that there is a Bulldog or Lady Bulldog competing. They volunteer their time, effort and any other resources they have available. They truly love this town and these students. They may not always make everyone happy but they work together to make decisions that are in the best interests of all students. The Board of Trustees of Thorn-dale ISD has been planting Seeds for Success for many years and with our current board they are sure to continue that legacy. If you see one of our members please take a moment to thank them for their service. Board members are: David Hall – President, Kimberly Biar - Vice President, Ann Glenn – Secretary, Adam Fisher, Kirk Becker, Dean Betak, and Chad Martinka.

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