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Thorndale High students to participate in Shattered Dreams

On Jan. 23 and Jan. 24, Thorndale High School will be hosting the Shattered Dreams Program. It is a mock drinking and driving activity to make teens more aware of the consequences of drinking and driving and to help parents become more involved in their teens lives. During this time each of these parents and students involved, writing letters to each other explaining how they would feel if they were not here tomorrow. They will also be working on their mock obituaries. On Jan. 23, a group of students will be taken to McLane Children’s Hospital in Temple to observe a mock trauma scene and visit the morgue. Once they return back to Thorndale, a speaker will talk to the students and parents involved in the event and then participate in several activities. On Jan. 24, we will be pulling a student out of class every 15 minutes to represent that every 15 minutes a student was killed by a drunk driver. These students will be called the living dead. These students will return to class with a white face and black t-shirt, for the rest of the day. They will continue their day with the other students, but they will not talk or interact in any way. We will have a mock crash scene at approximately 1:15 p.m. This event will include students that will be transported in an ambulance, Star Flight helicopter, hearse, and the drunk driver will be taken away in a police car. As soon as the police car leaves students will be going to the Fireman’s Hall to have a memorial service and listen to speakers. There will be counselors available for anyone who needs it. The community is invited to be involved. The group will be in need of volunteers to help set up and tear down on Jan. 24. If you are interested in volunteering in anyway, please contact Melody Huber at (512) 898-2141.

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