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Summer track program hopes to gain interest

This summer, Cameron has been offering a summer camp-like event regarding track and field. 

The camp is known as Cameron Texas 5.0, or CTX 5.0 for short. 

It is for kids ages 18 and under. CTX 5.0 was set up around five years ago to help kids get outside and have something to do over the summer by Damon Flemings and Nikki Lopez.

“This year we’re kind of revamping it and getting more kids back out, we got all the coaches, Isaiah Logan and Damon Flemings,” organizer and coach Robert Smith said. “We’re just trying to get kids interested in track and field. This whole event is summer track and field.” 

Coaches include Isaiah Logan who is the assistant coach; Damon Flemings who coaches the sprints and relays for kids ages 13 and up; Nikki Lopez who coaches the jumps and hurdles; Gerardo Moreno who coaches distance running; and Smith who coaches the sprints and relays for kids ages 12 and under. 

Another goal during this camp is to hopefully coach and make more future track and field champions.

“Cameron’s already good, they’re dominant but we feel they can be even better,” Smith said. “So, we’re just trying to get kids interested in the sport like they do all the other sports in Cameron and just hope that Cameron continues their winning ways and do good things. And it gives these kids an opportunity to do something over the summer.” 

If you would like to come watch and support the kids and the coaches, the practices are on Monday thru Wednesday starting at 6 p.m., then they have their meets on Fridays. 

CTX 5.0 kids also have an opportunity to participate in invitationals, regional and even-state meets just like the high school athletes do. 

The regional meet would take place at Clyde Hart Track and Field Stadium at Baylor University. The state meet would be located in Corpus Christi. 

“There’s invitational meets which are just like your everyday meets,” Smith said. “Then on July 9 and 10 in Waco, there is the TAAF (Texas Amateur Athletic Federation) region championships for track and field at the Baylor track. Then if they qualify for the top 3-5 in that event, there is a state meet on July 29 thru August 1.”  

Their next two invitationals will be in McGregor on June 19, then in Waco on June 26. 

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