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Hallettsville brings Yoe playoff run to end

The Cameron Yoemen football team ended their season in the bi-district round of the playoffs on Thursday as they were defeated by the Hallettsville Brahmas 42-38 in a heartbreaker.

Cameron kicked off to start the game. The Brahmas marched down the field and had a big 21-yard run. Hallettsville then scored on a 6-yard quarterback run for an early 7-0 lead. The offense for Cameron couldn’t get anything going in their opening drive and went three and out, but they would get a big punt by Landen Greene (9) to pin the Brahmas at the 5-yard line. Hallettsville found a way to march up the field with a 21-yard quarterback run and another 15-yard run. The Yoemen then allowed a 4-yard touchdown run for a 14-0 deficit. The Yoemen got a spark off a big 40-yard kickoff return by Trayjen Wilcox (88) that put the offense at the 14-yard line, which was aided by the help of a face mask penalty. That would be the end of the first quarter as the Brahmas led 14-0.

The game did not stay a shutout for much longer as on the first play of the quarter, Cameron scored on a 14-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Muniz (7) to Pharrell Hemphill (4) for a 14-7 deficit. The Momentum continued to swing Cameron’s way as they forced a Hallettsville fumble that was recovered by Carlos Salomon (60). The Yoemen offense took advantage of the turnover with a 39-yard catch by Hemphill, and with the help of a roughing the passer penalty on Hallettsville, that would put them at the 9-yard line. The Yoemen then went on score with a 7-yard touchdown pass from Muniz to Hemphill to tie the score at 14. 

“I think that both of those plays gave up momentum during the game by giving us a short field,” Coach Rick Rhoades said. “Fortunately, we were able to score on the possessions following these plays.” 

The Brahmas began to pick up their offense again as they marched up the field with a 30-yard run, followed by another 35-yard run. The Yoemen then gave up an 8-yard touchdown for a 21-14 lead for Hallettsville. The Cameron offense came back out to the field with a successful trick play that was thrown by Phaibian Bynaum (5) to Javoun Goldsby (1) for 49 yards to put them in the red zone. 

Cameron continued their creative play call with a 14-yard end around run by Wilcox, which was soon followed by a 1-yard touchdown catch by Hemphill to tie the score again at 21. The defense came out strong and forced a three and out for the Brahmas. The offense continued their momentum big as Muniz launched a 54-yard pass that was caught by Hemphill. The Yoemen would use that as fuel and scored with a 7-yard touchdown run by Bynaum to take the lead 28-21. In the last minute of the first half, Bynaum also showed his skills on defense as he caught an interception to end the half to keep the score 28-21.

Cameron opened the second half with a 35-yard catch by Charlie Mayer (22), which led to a 20-yard field goal by Greene to extend the lead for Cameron 31-21. The Cameron defense had some trouble stopping the Brahmas offense as they allowed a 38-yard pass for Hallettsville, followed by a 19-yard run and a 15-yard run. They then gave up a 1-yard touchdown run to make the score of 31-28. The offense tried to answer back but failed to do so as they went three and out. The Cameron defense allowed a 19-yard run on the next possesion, and that would be it for the third quarter as it ended with Cameron leading 31-28.

Starting the fourth quarter, the Yoemen defense then allowed a 5-yard rushing touchdown for a 35-31 deficit. Cameron responded with a 41-yard catch by Wilcox and a 27-yard touchdown pass from Muniz to Hemphill for his fourth touchdown to regain the lead 38-35. The Yoemen defense tried to hold strong but allowed a 33-yard pass, and then gave up a 2-yard touchdown run, putting them behind 42-38. Cameron attempted to make comeback drive on offense but was stopped as they failed to convert a fourth and 6. 

The defense tried to hold on and give their offense another chance but allowed a fourth and 1, which helped the Brahmas run out the clock and seal the game 42-38. The defense played well as they held the Brahmas to 81 rushing yards, had an interception, and had a fumble recovery by Carlos Salomon. Phaibian Bynaum played well on both sides of the field as he rushed for 44 yards and a touchdown, threw a pass for 49 yards, and recorded an interception on defense. Pharrell Hemphill had an amazing game and was a man on a mission as he had 135 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.

“Pharrell had a big game for us without a doubt, scoring four touchdowns,” Rhoades said. “I thought we were able to throw the ball very well all night.”

That ball was thrown by Ryan Muniz, who played a heroic game and passed for 217 yards and four touchdowns. For many who are unaware, Muniz played through the game with a leg injury. He got the injury on Wednesday, and it originally thought to be a rolled ankle. However, after a closer look from the doctors, it was a navicular fracture in his foot. Many believed he wouldn’t play on Thursday, but with the help of athletic trainer, Mallory Przybylski, he was able to play with some major wrapping and padding on his foot. Rhoades was proud of the effort the team gave on Thursday but knows there’s more work to be done in the next season.

“I was proud of our effort, but the goal is to be able to play teams like Hallettsville week in and week out and to be able to find a way to win,” Rhoades said. “That is a trait that we have to develop in the future.” 


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