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Thorndale runners find success at hosted Thorndale Relays

Last week the Thorndale boys and girls track teams hosted the Thorndale Relays. There were only running events. The field events were canceled due to weather conditions.

Girls: Finished second with 77 points

100m dash: Kassidy Eubanks - 2nd place, Aylin Alfaro - 6th place

200m dash: Aylin Alfaro - 4th place

400m dash: Emily Northcott - 5th place, Hadley Meadors - 2nd place

800m run: Skielee Bear - 4th place, Raven Sandoval - 2nd place

1600m run: Skielee Bear - 4th place, Raven Sandoval - 2nd place

3200m run: Nadia Gonzalez - 1st place

100m hurdles: Libby Urbis - 2nd place

300m hurdles: Libby Urbis - 4th place

4x100 - 4th place: Hadley Meadors, Kassidy Eubanks, Emily Northcott, Bethany Preusse

Boys: Finished second with 74 points

100m dash: Everton White - 2nd place, Carson McCoy - 1st place 

200m dash: Everton White - 3rd place, Carson McCoy - 1st place

400m dash: Jayden Clawson - 2nd place

800m run: Case McDaniel - 4th place, Kale Meadors - 5th place

1600m run: Case McDaniel - 1st place

4x400 - 2nd place - Kale Meadors, Jayden Clawson, Everton White, and Carson McCoy


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