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Thorndale ISD to close through April 3 due to COVID-19

Thorndale ISD has decided to close school through April 3.

In a letter to the Thorndale community on Tuesday afternoon Superintendent Adam Ivy said that based upon recommendations and communication with surrounding districts as well as TEA, local and regional health departments and other government resources we have decided that it is in the best interest of our students and our community to go ahead and make the call to close school through at least April 3. 

The closure will include all school activities, UIL events, after school activities, etc. 

“Please understand that this was a very difficult decision to make because we believe that our school is the best place for our students to be on a daily basis,” Ivy said. “At this time, nearly 700 Texas schools are closed and we believe that most are likely to extend their closures into the future.  The UIL has canceled all events, including practices, through at least March 29. We will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation and will update the community as new developments affect our district.” 

To accommodate for this extended closure principals and teachers have been meeting to formulate a plan to continue offering educational opportunities to students.  

TISD Middle School and High School students all have a Chromebook issued to them and the district is planning to utilize that technology to deliver a variety of assignments, videos and even Zoom video chat rooms. 

“We ask that you please make sure your children check their email at least twice a day for communication from their teachers,” Ivy said. “Since this process is brand new and we are working on the details, the assignments will be intermittent at first.  If your child has left their Chromebook at school or if you have no Internet access at your home please e-mail your principal to make other arrangements.  We do have some WiFi hotspots available to check out and anyone with access to Spectrum service (mostly in town) can call and get free access.” 

For TISD elementary students communication regarding assignments will be mostly done through the Class Dojo application that most parents and students should be familiar with. This should give parents information about when and where they can access online resources or pick up paper copies of resources if needed. If you need help with accessing any resources please email the Elementary Principal Michael Young.

As long as school is closed Thorndale ISD will provide a drive through lunch pickup for any Thorndale ISD student free of charge. The pickup will be in the parking lot behind the cafeteria in the north side of the Middle School from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. daily. Students must be present in the vehicle to get a free meal.  

“We would like to point out that the purpose of the widespread school closures is not due to a current outbreak in any particular area but in an effort to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus and allow the healthcare system to work with being overwhelmed,” Ivy said. “Of course there are some areas hit harder than others and the virus is likely to continue to spread until it reaches a peak at some point. Please make every effort to maintain that social distancing by keeping your children at home or at least away from others as much as possible.  All Thorndale ISD athletic facilities will remain closed as long as school is closed and we ask that parents prevent students from coming to the school playground and pavilion as well.  Students may be permitted to come to campus to pick up assignments or materials as needed with coordination with each principal.”

The school district along with all Milam County school districts decided to extend Spring Break by a week last Friday, March 13. There were no classes or activities held this week – March 16-20.

St. Paul Lutheran School will also be closed until April 3.

Please continue to check the Cameron Herald’s Facebook page along with the Thorndale ISD website and for any additional announcements concerning COVID-19 during the week’s that follow for up-to-date information before you get your paper each week.


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