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Yoe Ag Mechanics

C.H. Yoe High School Ag Mech students recently traveled to Dickinson High School for the Gator Dime Stackin’ Challenge, part of the Texas High School Welding Series. The students competed as follows: Level 1 - D9.1 2F GMAW-S - Kolt Dalbey, Joseph Barbo, Joey Wallace and Jason Perez Jr.; Level 2 - D1.1 2G SMAW - Kash Dalbey - fifth place (passed Visual, X-Ray & Received Certification), Henry Hubnik - ninth place (passed Visual, X-Ray & Received Certification), John Pierce Graham - Passed Visual, and J.W. Minatrea; Level 3 - D1.1 3G SMAW - Kevin Junek – ninth place (passed Visual, X-Ray & Received Certification). Other results are: Kevin Junek - fifth place Quiz & Tool ID; Henry Hubnik - second place Cutting Contest; and Kolt Dalby - first place Underwater Welding ($1,500 scholarship to Ocean Corporation). All of these students did a great job.


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