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PHI Air Medical celebrates rebrand of base of operations in Temple

PHI Air Medical announced the rebranding of their previously partnered air medical program in Temple, Waco, and the surrounding communities, to become a solely branded and independently operated PHI Air Medical helicopter ambulance service. 

This branding transition provides PHI Air Medical the opportunity to serve an even broader population and health systems throughout the area, remaining the preferred air medical service for local hospitals and emergency medical services agencies throughout the region.

Based in Temple, the PHI Air Medical helicopter has a highly trained and experienced team with over 115 years of local service. PHI Air Medical’s dedicated EC-135 aircraft will continue to be staffed with the same, highly trained crew of pilots, paramedics, nurses and mechanics as before. The helicopter and pilots are IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) capable, enabling our experienced team to better serve the community in certain weather conditions other air medical services are unable to fly in.

“PHI Air Medical has a long history of proudly serving Temple as well as its surrounding cities and counties. The Temple-based flight team are dedicated to providing exceptional medical care, including having advanced life support treatment and equipment, such as blood products, onboard our aircraft,” says Christopher Hardman, Regional Director, PHI Air Medical. “We are proud of the strong partnerships we have formed throughout the years, including PHI Cares membership agreements and being in-network with local health plans. We will continue to serve the community with the high-quality, CAMTS Accredited, level of service the community has come to know and expect – PHI Air Medical is your known and trusted air medical team.”

As a premier air ambulance service, PHI Air Medical is dedicated to continuing to provide life-saving service to local communities. Additionally, local and county-wide membership programs are provided by PHI Cares, the PHI Air Medical membership program. PHI Cares provides air medical transport benefits for members when a PHI Air Medical aircraft in the region transports them. Residents can visit to learn more about the membership program.

PHI Air Medical’s newly rebranded aircraft can be seen flying in the sky today. All contact information and dispatching for PHI Air Medical will remain unchanged.

PHI Air Medical is a leader in air medical transport, providing critical care and support for many of the nation’s leading health care organizations and in communities across the US.  PHI Air Medical pilots have recorded nearly eleven million flight hours, in virtually every type of helicopter and terrain known. The Air Medical fleet consists of proven aircraft outfitted with medical interiors conducive to providing sustained emergent care for air medical transports and most PHI Air Medical programs operate at or above Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) standards.


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