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City plans to overhaul Little River intake station

The Cameron City Council picked an engineer for two upcoming projects that will overhaul the oxbow/intake station and storm water drainage during a meeting July 15.

The council named Freese and Nichols as engineer for both projects. 

The city is seeking a comprehensive evaluation of the current storm water collection system and solutions for any areas found to be substandard.

The city also plans to overhaul the oxbow/intake station located on Little River. 

City Manager Rhett Parker told the council the intake station needs to be moved to a straighter area of the river to prevent erosion that is currently causing problems.

“The reason we chose Freese and Nichols is their experience with erosion and repairs and hydraulics of water systems,” Parker said. “When we showed them the oxbow it wasn’t anything that surprised them.”

Parker said where the intake station and pumps are the river is so high that it is beginning to erode the bottom base and it is swirling around causing more erosion and starting to back up where the oxbow is. 

“It isn’t a matter of if it is going to happen, it is when it is going to happen,” Parker said.  “This is something we need to jump on immediately. This area over time you can see through photographs that this has eroded over the last three years. This is something we have to move forward on as a top priority.”

Mayor Connie Anderle said securing the oxbow is not a plan for the future.

During department head reports Craig Arnold said his department is still working on paving and they are on schedule. He said 22nd Street and 21st Street have turned out great with a new fog he has been putting on the streets. He said they are also on schedule with spraying for mosquitoes. They are also working on mowing and trimming and filling pot holes.

Fire Chief Henry Horelica said that the department has been slow. They have had two new members join. The fire department’s banquet will be held on Aug. 9. He also said the department received a $15,000 grant from Valero that will be put toward the purchase of a new truck. 

Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said June has been pretty slow except for a string of vehicle burglaries on the west side of town. 

Retain and Tourism Director Melanie Reed said everything is rocking and she is getting ready for the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast on Aug. 5 at the Yoe High Cafeteria.

Cameron Industrial Foundation Director Ginger Watkins reported on the business recruitment trip she recently attended with the Grand Central Texas group.

Water and Sewer Director Gerald Brunson said the wastewater plant is doing much better since the rain subsided and the water plant is holding its own.

He also said the city will do a refresh over next weekend to refresh the system.

Code Enforcement Officer Stanley Garrison said they have shifted their focus from old vehicles to the grass and weed problems around the city. He said they are working on getting in contact with property owners to get the grass cut. 

In other business the council also: held a public hearing to receive comments regarding the 2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report; approved the planting of three crepe myrtles at the Ladies Auxiliary Building at Ledbetter Park; re-appointed members to the Cameron Housing Authority Board; and approved a seven percent raise for the city manager following an annual review.

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