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City approves additions to ballpark; hears results from park survey

The Cameron City Council heard a report on the results from a recent park study and approved additions to the Cameron City Ballpark during a meeting on Dec. 16.

Janet Sheguit with BSP Engineers gave the city council the results from a recent Master Parks Survey that was online for a period of time last month.

Sheguit said there were 149 respondents and large percentage of those responding believe parks improve the community and would be willing to pay extra taxes for renovations and upgrades to the parks. Respondents also replied that one of the most needed things at the city’s parks are good restrooms and playground equipment as well as better accessibility for the disabled.

There will be two more meetings to discuss the Master Park Plan on Jan. 9 and Jan. 14 where the community can give input on what they would like to see in the city’s parks.

The council also approved a request from John Anderle with the Cameron Youth Baseball Association to use grant funds to construct new restroom facilities at the airport ballpark. 

Anderle said the funding for the project was provided through a grant from Valero when they were putting in the pipeline in the county last year. The grant was for $55,000. He said EBCO is currently working on blueprints and will complete the project.

Anderle said they have been working diligently to improve the ballpark. He said there have been several tournaments played at the ballpark and he hopes the improvements will bring more games to the city. They are also planning to install a new building to house lawn equipment at the ballpark.

The council also held two public hearings for special use permits which were both denied.

During departmental reports Councilmember Maurice Goza asked City Manager Rhett Parker if there was a possibility of the city entering into an agreement with Blue Water instead of working to move the Oxbow. Parker said he is looking into that and will meet with Rockdale City Manager Chris Whitaker to talk about the deal that Rockdale recently made with the company to bring water to the city.

He said he will look into it and bring Blue Water for a presentation at a later meeting if the council would like.

The Council also agreed to take nominations for new directors to serve on the Cameron Planning and Zoning Board. Current directors Melissa Bradley and David Bolivar said they will be stepping down from the commission.

A director is appointed by the Cameron City Council and serves a two-year term.   

The board makes recommendations to the council concerning platting, variances, special use permits and new zoning laws.  

If you are interested in serving and would like more information contact City Secretary or Manager at (254) 697-6646.  You may also contact your city council member or Mayor Connie Anderle.


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