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Cameron ISD releases guidelines for grading for remainder of 2019-20 school year

Cameron ISD has released guidelines for grading for the remainder of the school year.

Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, which has resulted in school closures through May 21, the following grading guidelines have been developed for use during remote learning.

Cameron ISD has modified the 2019-2020 grading guidelines during remote learning to reflect the following changes:

1. Student work will be monitored by the teacher for both paper-based and digital learning. Dual credit students will be monitored and assessed by either Temple College or TSTC.

2. The same criteria will be used in grading assignments for both paper-based and digital learning.

3. Late work will be accepted without penalty, but final deadlines for incompletes must be met.

4. Students who do not pick up a packet, login to the digital platform, or complete any assignments will be given an incomplete grade status until the work has been completed in one of the learning platforms.

5. Students in grades PK-11 must finish work for any incomplete grade status by June 28, 2020. Seniors must complete all coursework for incomplete grades by May 21, 2020.

6. GPA and class rank will be calculated using the first semester for the graduating seniors. No GPA or change of class rank will be used for grades 9 through 11 for the spring semester of 2020.

7. All grade levels, PK-12, will receive a pass or fail for the fifth and sixth six weeks grading periods. Students will receive one of the following statuses for each subject/class when they receive a grade report. GREEN – student is participating and completing work. YELLOW – Only some assignments are complete, while some assignments still need to be submitted for the student to have the opportunity of passing the subject/class. RED - Most work has not been submitted and the student is at risk of failing the subject/class.

8. The fifth six weeks pass/fail status will be mailed out to students on April 30.

9. A sixth six weeks progress report will be sent out on May 8.

Chromebooks and instruments will be returned during meal pickup for grades 6-12 on May 11, and paper packets will be available for all students who do not have access to a device at home.

The last packet pickup date will be May 11, and will include the last two weeks of coursework needed for the school year.

All packets should be turned in by May 21.



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