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Moms out there, we love you!!

Last year I thought I would spend this newspaper space extolling the virtue of Motherhood and the love our Mother’s have for us (NOTE: the word Mother should always be capitalized). 

But as County Judge, there are times when things happen that have to be addressed. As a result, my articles sometimes get preempted by current events or horrible tragedies. Again, this year there have been things that have happened that need to be discussed, but nothing so significant that it can’t wait a week and I can have the privilege of using this space this week to honor that one person God made for each of us that should be the foundation stone in our lives. 

I still wholeheartedly believe that each of us should hold our Mothers in a special place in our heart and keep them constantly in our prayers. I think I turned out OK, but I’m sure there were many times when I was growing up that my Mother was standing there shaking her head in the “I don’t know about that boy” manner. So, this Sunday let’s thank our Mothers for all they do, all they have done, and all they will do for us. Remember, while we may not always be as attentive or thankful as we should, there are folks out there whose Mothers have passed on and most of them would give anything for one more day with their Mothers. 

I amazed someone the other day I told them that both my Grandmothers and all four of my Great-Grandmothers were alive when I was born. As a matter of fact, and as a great life experience, I had the blessed opportunity to get to know them all. Remarkably, all but one of my Great-Grandmothers lived into my teens and both my Grandmothers both flourished into my 40’s.  

Our family has been blessed with strong women who have played significant roles in our lives; and just as my Mother lives next door to the Nurse and I, my Grandmother lived next door to my parents until she went home to be with God, and my Great-Grandmother lived next to my Grandparents.

These close family bonds and knowledge passed from generation to generation create strong family relationships that benefit us all. Now I am a realist and I understand that all of those family relationships are not always so strong, nor are they always even amicable, and I am empathetic for those who don’t have a strong relationship with their Mothers, or their Fathers for that matter. But it’s never too late. The ten commandments state that we are to “honor thy father and mother.” Sometimes that is difficult for a myriad of reasons, but we should try – before it’s too late. 

In closing, I hope each of you has the chance to spend some time with your Mothers this weekend. Whether you go to church with them, take them out to eat, or bring them flowers wherever they are, just spend some time with them or their memory.  My wish is for all the Mothers out there to have a wonderful week and a special Mothers’ Day on Sunday. 

And yes, my Mother still stands there and shakes her head at me!!

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