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Milam Touch of Love looking for community support

One of our priority focus areas is county support. What does this mean? Currently, when someone finds a dog anywhere outside the Cameron or Rockdale city limits, there’s no official capability to help keep that dog safe.

We have a makeshift plan in place, but it needs funding to make it fully functional. The County had hoped to be able to fund it this year, but we all know how this year has gone. We have been selected for a donation that will partially fund this project, so we’re looking for another thousand dollars to help us keep doing what we’ve been doing since May until next year’s county budget cycle (2022).

What have we been doing? When the county asks for assistance, we help them pick up a dog and get it to safety. We seek the dog’s owner and get it an exam and a rabies vaccination. If no owner comes forward, we finish vetting the animal and seek an adopter or transport for it. We have enough fosters so we can handle up to five dogs, and we’ve been mostly full since May.

Milam Touch of Love pays for the vetting, but we need to arrange additional housing, and that’s where the money I mentioned above comes into play.  We’ll purchase 4 additional outdoor kennels, doghouses, food and water containers, and an outside play yard to be installed at what we’re calling a Super Foster location. This will give county dogs, once they are vetted, a safe place to stay until we can find their next stop — be it a forever home or an interim rescue stop. 

To donate for this cause, please use our PayPalMe link: or mail your donation to us at Milam Touch of Love, PO Box 543, Cameron, TX 76520. Thank you!

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