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JUDGE: Workforce Solutions can help you find a job

Right now in Central Texas there are over 44,000 jobs to be filled! Probably the most ever. However, with unemployment benefits ending for most on June 26, 2021, there will be a lot of people back in the job market. If you are interested in find a job, this is the time to do so.

To find out what is out there, contact Texas Workforce Solutions in Rockdale located at 313 N. Main Street, Rockdale. One may call (512) 446-6440 or simply go on line at to register for a potential job(s).  Texas Workforce will even train job seekers and in many cases there is no charge for the training.  

Demand for nursing is always high. Some providers in Central Texas are paying a $50,000 bonus for new hire nurses that sign a three-year contract. However, there are many other openings right here in Milam County, such as welders, truck drivers, wait staff, teachers, business managers, farm help and many more.  

Our estimated civil labor force in Milam County is estimated to be 9,582 individuals and of that about 6.5 percent are unemployed.  As of June 26, 2021, unemployment benefits for many will end.  In fact, about 75 percent of those currently receiving unemployment benefits or 1.9 million Texans will lose benefits.  So many, many will probably return to the workforce.  

Working is a good thing and there are few good reasons why any able bodied person should not be working. We have an outstanding Workforce Commission here in Central Texas and one of the very best offices is right here in Milam County, headed up by Julia Cardona.  Whether one is looking for part time or full time, jobs are available and now is the time to apply!  Contact the Texas Workforce and get started.

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