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JUDGE: We all need to keep up the fight against virus

Now is not the time to let our guard down. 

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation now projects that the number of confirmed death cases in Texas will peak on April 24, 2020, with 2,042 cases.  

This is about 10 times the number of death cases we currently have in the State. This assumes we all continue with our stay at home and mask in public regimen.  

We all want to be through with this plague and get back to where we were. However, that date is determined in large part by our own conduct. There is no cure for the virus and the only thing we can do to protect ourselves and others is to stay home and mask in public.  

Remember our schools are closed, businesses are closed, people are out of work and even churches are closed to the public to prevent the spread of the virus.  Please don’t make matters worse by getting out in public, if it not essential or not masking in public when it is essential.

Be prepared for a long haul fight, well beyond the peak date. The peak date does not mean the virus has gone away, or that it is no longer contagious, or that it will not cause your death or that there is a cure. All of that will still be with us! Until there is a vaccine, we must learn to deal with this problem. Thus, it is imperative that each of us recognize the severity of the problem, right here in Milam County and take the mandated precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The health and safety our citizens is the number one priority of the Milam County Commissioners Court. Therefore, we acted early on to impose social gathering restrictions for your protection. Every day since, we have repeated the same message – stay home!  

There can be no doubt that the policy is working or that there is a better course to take.  It is the only thing we can do to protect ourselves and each other. This is a world wide pandemic and we must recognize that the only one who can solve the problem is that person you see in the mirror!  Keep up the fight and do right!





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