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JUDGE: Teleheath Station now free to the public

Milam County has the most technologically advanced telehealth station in America!  The station was developed and installed with the assistance of a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield and our friends at Texas A&M.  

Two years ago we received the station in part because of our lack of after hours care which was precipitated by the bankruptcy of Little River Health Care. The station is located at the Milam County Sheriff’s Office for security reasons and it is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Now anyone can use the station without charge!

Texas A&M recently secured a grant that will pay for the use of the station for the foreseeable future.  Therefore, anyone can use the station and see a medical provider without a charge for the service!  

The station is easy to use and no appointment is necessary.  Simply walk into the station, close the door for privacy and press a button to see a licensed medical provider.  The provider will take your history and use tools in the station, with your assistance to diagnose the problem.  For example, the station has devices to take blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, body weight and even a camera that can be used for a close up look at the affected body part.  If warranted, a prescription for medication can be issued and in some cases, filled at the station.  

Obviously, the station is not designed to replace one’s treating physician.  It is not designed for emergency room issues, such as trauma.  However, it is perfect for routine issues, such as colds, flu, insect bites or even to refill a prescription for high blood pressure.  In many cases, the patient might receive a short-term prescription with instruction to see their treating physician thereafter.  It is perfect in those instances where medical advice is needed, but one’s treating physician is not available.  

Keep this wonderful, new station in mind the next time you need treatment, but can’t get into see your normal provider.  And remember the service is now free!  

We thank Dr. Joy Alonzo and her entire staff with Texas A&M for making medical care of the future available right here in Milam County, today at no charge.









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