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JUDGE: Shelter in Place changes follow governor’s order

This week Governor Abbott announced several changes to his Executive Orders. 

These changes now allow for our restaurants to open and serve the public, with no more than 25 percent capacity. Our libraries can open under limited circumstances and doctors, nurses and sole practitioners can return to work. All of this is effective May 1, 2020. 

But, there is still a fine line between our health and safety and that of commerce. This week the Commissioners Court will amend its shelter in place order to coincide with the Governor’s Executive Orders as a county’s order is subservient to that of the Governor’s Executive order.

However, as the state and county go about the business of reopening, let’s not forget that the virus is still with us. Let’s not forget that it is still very contagious, there is no cure and that it can kill.  

Since February we now have over a million people in America that are confirmed to be infected and over 56,000 have died from the virus. This is about as many that died in the Vietnam War!  

In Texas, the number of confirmed cases and deaths go up every day. We are now over 26,000 confirmed cases and almost 700 deaths. 

In Milam County, we have 14 cases, one death and two hospitalized. The cases come from all four corners of the county. Our per capita infection rate is higher than some of the larger surrounding counties.  

The purpose of the shelter in place order is simply to slow the spread of the virus.  Thus, we ask that one stay at home when at all possible, not gather and when in public, keep your distance and wear a mask. Although some restrictions have been relaxed, the general idea is the same: don’t be the one that causes the spread of the virus!

The good news is that the shelter in place order is working. A month ago, some of the models predicted there would be 2,000 deaths in Texas by April 27, 2020. Some of the models predicted that our hospitals would be full and that vacant space in the county would be needed for overflow. Thankfully, those dire predictions have not come to pass and the primary reason is because social distancing is working!

Thus, I ask that you continue to use good common sense and adhere to the principals of the order. Clearly, we need retail services and food and thus easing of these restrictions are appropriate, but now is not the time to let your guard down!  





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