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JUDGE: Samsung to build massive plant in Taylor

After months and months, it is finally official - Samsung officially announced last week that it will build a massive new microchip facility in Taylor. 

With an estimated  $17 billion investment, the facility will provide about 1,800 jobs, excluding all of the initial construction jobs and support jobs. Clearly, this is a game changer for all of Central Texas. But, how will this affect Milam County?

The answer is simple. Milam County will continue to grow and prosper. Local construction jobs will abound as the massive facility is built. Local contractors that provide such services as dirt work, ground clearing, steel erection, electrical services and many, many more will have a competitive shot at the new work.  Individuals will have a great opportunity for new construction work that has not existed in the past.

Once the facility is in service, many people from Milam County and other parts of Central Texas will have a great new opportunity for all kinds of new work.  This will include everything from those that make the new chips, to the supervisors, to the clerical jobs, maintenance and much more.  No doubt there will be hundreds of support jobs as well.  New businesses, including everything from suppliers to food courts will spring up to support this new facility.

But where will the training come from for all of these jobs?  

Remember that we have filed for a multi-million-dollar grant from the Economic Development Administration to build a “regional training center” right here in Milam County, Texas.  The training center would provide training for all types of new jobs, including some of those at the new Samsung facility.  

We have partnered with Temple College, Texas Workforce Solutions and the Central Texas Council of Government to make the application and later provide the training service.  Milam County would be a training hub for all of Central Texas and a game changer for the County.

At this point it is hard for any of us to image how this massive new facility will affect the county. No doubt this will provide needed employment for so many people in Milam and surrounding counties. Our schools, cities and county government will benefit from increased tax revenue. No doubt these new opportunities will provide a better way of life for all of us in Milam County.




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