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JUDGE: Rapid same day testing coming to Milam County

Clearly, we need more testing for the virus. In fact, what we really need is rapid same day results testing. What we see over and over is the receipt of test results a week or so later after the test. This does not help much as the tested person does not know if they are positive, if they should quarantine, go to work and the rest. Further, it inhibits the all important contact tracing, which is one of the effective tools for preventing the spread.

I am happy to report that we are going to have free rapid testing in this county by Sept. 1, 2020!  

Your city and county governments have come together and are working to provide this needed, essential service. The plan is to do mobile testing at the various towns and cities within the County by Sept. 1, 2020, and provide the results to those tested within 24 hours. CARES Act grant money will be used to fund the project.  

Each city and the county will contribute their respective share of the grant money it received. For example, the county received 44 percent of the grant money and thus it will provide 44 percent of the funding of the project. However, each city of the county has agreed to contribute its share of the funding as well.  

A special thanks to Thorndale Mayor George Galbreath, Rockdale Mayor John King, Milano Mayor Karl Westbrook, Cameron Mayor Bill Harris, Buckholts Mayor Terri Eaton and their respective Councils for graciously offering to fund the project.  

A special thanks to Commissioner Opey Watkins, Commissioner Donald Shuffield, Commissioner John Fisher and Commissioner Jeff Muegge for being so supportive of this important testing project. All of these arms of government are coming together for the first time in many, many years to provide each of with a critical service during this pandemic.

On Monday, 1,000 test kits were ordered and the plan is to have nurses administer the testing program. We hope to have the tests by Sept. 1, 2020, and testing will begin shortly thereafter. To be tested one must be a resident of Milam County and must have symptoms.  

So yes, we are going to have more testing in Milam County thanks to the cooperation of county and city government. Free testing just as our children return to school and we face another unknown. Free testing to enable us to better monitor the spread of the virus. Free testing to keep every citizen of Milam County to help keep us all safe!


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