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Judge: Milam County is moving again


We are making steady progress to recover from the pandemic.  We estimate that 38 percent of the county has immunity and about 30 percent is fully vaccinated.  However, in order to get to herd immunity, we need about 75 percent of the County to get vaccinated, so please come out and get vaccinated.  We will have a number of walk-in clinics in the coming weeks and you can always call (254) 697-7000 and make a convenient appointment.  It only takes about 30 minutes and it is virtually painless.


Internet Service in the county

We got our final report from Connected Nation Texas last week and it is packed with great information. We will post the report on our website soon for your review. We will use the report to make our internet grant application, which we will do in the very near future.  We hope to have 100 MB download and 10 MB upload throughout the county when we finish the project.


Bitmain Expanding

Bitmain has big plans to expand its bitcoin mining operation.  Bitmain held a meeting with Milam County representatives and its new North American CEO on Tuesday, May 4, to discuss plans to significantly expand its operation from three potlines to all of the former pot lines at Alcoa.  Bitmain is a key player in the manufacture of the “ant miners” and has a large presence in the bitcoin mining business.  The Bitmain project is under the direction of Milam County native Clint Brown.


Burleson-Milam Special 


One of the truly unsung heroes of Milam County is the Burleson-Milam Special Services directed by Ms. Angie Brashear. This is a cooperative group consisting of Buckholts, Caldwell, Cameron, Rockdale, Snook, Gause, Milano, Thorndale and Somerville that began in 1974. Today, 775 special needs students are served by Burleson-Milam. Recently, the group held a mini “Special Olympics” at the Rockdale ISD Football Stadium.  This was truly a great event for the kids and we thank all of those who participated and those who sponsored the event. This is a critical service for the special needs children of our community and we thank Ms. Brashear and all of those dedicated teachers and administrators who work tirelessly in the best interests of these young students.


New Business Coming to Milam County

We are in discussions with several new businesses that are interested in coming to the county. We reported earlier this week that Samsung will construct a $673 million farm in the northern part of the county and we currently have applications from three other large solar projects with a value of about $800 million.  Collectively these amount to almost $1.5 billion in solar in our county.  We are also in talks with other companies regarding emergency power generation, meat processing and other potentials in surrounding counties.  Good new business is coming to the county!

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