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JUDGE: The COVID vaccination is coming soon

We all know that a vaccination is on the way. In fact, the first of many will be available early next week. 

Medical providers will be the first to get the drug; then first responders; rest home workers and residents; and then the seniors and those who have underlying conditions.  At this point we think it will be available to the general public by March 1, 2021.

The county will provide the vaccination free of charge to any Milam County resident. In fact, we have partnered with Texas A&M Health Science to help administer the vaccination, which will help speed up the process. We plan to set up a mobile vaccination protocol, similar to the free COVID testing. In fact, we hope to have it available after hours and on weekends.  

Pfizer and Moderna will be the first two drugs to be approved and there are many more that will be approved thereafter. Pfizer and Moderna will require two shots, which are 21 and 28 days apart, respectively. One may not switch drugs for the second shot.  Those who are immunized will receive a card, which includes the type of drug given for the first shot, so there is no confusion for the second shot.  The vaccination efficacy rate is high, with Moderna at 94.5 percent and Pfizer over 90 percent.  

Regardless of which one of these drugs are available, we all need to get vaccinated to stop the spread of this horrible virus! When it is offered to me, I will gladly take the shot!  Yet there are those who say they will not get vaccinated. Why?  

Excuses, such as bad side effects.  However, there is no death side effect to any of these drugs. There is no ICU admission side effect. There is no quarantine side effect.  The side effects are things like soreness at the injection site and fatigue, just like most other vaccinations.  In fact, there will be a new phone app called “V-Safe” that one can download to report side effects and receive treatment advice.

So, yes in record time we will soon offer to every Milam County resident a free vaccination from a virus that we had not even heard of a year ago. Now, we have what we all need and want; a way out of this nightmare! So, don’t delay and don’t make excuses – get vaccinated.  

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