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JUDGE: County honors Ken Janicek for years of service

One of the many great things Milam County provides is a Veteran’s Service Department.  

Veteran’s Services provides just about all things veteran to the almost 1,500 veterans in Milam County.  Mr. Ken Janicek has been in charge of this department for almost 24 years and has done such a marvelous job!  Recently Ken announced that he will retire effective March 31, 2022.  

He will be sorely missed, but we certainly wish him a well-deserved retirement.

On Monday, the Milam County Commissioners Court recognized Ken for his many years of service.  District Attorney Bill Torrey presented a plaque to Ken from the Court in honor of his many accomplishments and dedication to the veterans of the County. 

Veterans often have many benefits and services offered to them through the Veteran’s Administration, but it can be a challenge to find the right person.  But, that is where our  Veteran’s Service Department comes in.  It serves as a liaison between the V.A. and the veteran.  Over the years Ken has faithfully served as that liaison to hundreds, if not thousands of our Milam County veterans.

For example, Milam County was recently awarded a portion of a $7.8 million grant to help veterans transition from the military to a civilian job.  The grant was secured by Texas Workforce from the Department of Labor.  Milam County, along with six other counties will participate.  The grant benefit application process can be somewhat of a challenge and that is just one of the many services that our fine Veteran’s Service Department will assist with.

We have a robust veteran’s community in Milam County.  

Our veterans contribute to the County in so many ways.   In fact, just this weekend, the Rockdale VFW under the direction of Commander Larry Rubino, sponsored a benefit for a young man stricken with encephalitis.  Every year there is a huge Memorial Day celebration in Cameron, sponsored by the veterans.  Ken has always been a large part of all of these important events.

We will truly miss Ken.  He is one of those quiet, unsung heroes of Milam County.  A man who has gone about the business of diligently and dutifully assisting the veterans of this County in just about every way possible for almost a quarter of a century.  Congratulations Ken Janicek!

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