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JUDGE: County in the home stretch when it comes to COVID

After over a year of the deadly COVID-19 virus, we are truly on the home stretch. We now have three safe, effective vaccines that will prevent deaths and serious illness. By the end of the week, approximately 3,500 people in Milam County will have been vaccinated, with almost 2,000 receiving both shots. In addition, there are approximately, 2,500 infected individuals in the County that should have effective antibodies.

But, we cannot afford to let our guard down. We cannot become complacent and think that this is over, because it is not. We must be vigilant. We must continue to wear our masks, keep our distance, wash our hands and above all else, get vaccinated.  

In spite of the progress we are making, please know that the COVID-19 virus is alive and well in Milam County. Last week, we reported three additional deaths in the County and this week, we reported another death, bringing the death toll to 41, since the pandemic began. Statewide the daily death toll is still averaging 200 per day.  

While we all don’t have our shots, there is one thing we can all do: wear a mask.  Wearing a mask slows the spread by protecting the other person one has contact with.  When you wear a mask, you protect others. When you wear a mask you indicate that you are concerned about spreading the virus. When you don’t wear a mask, you indicate you don’t care if others get sick and die. Even though the mandatory mask mandate will be lifted this week, no one, including the Governor is saying that masks are ineffective or that they don’t work.  

We will continue to require masks on county property and on county projects, including our vaccination clinics. All of our fine schools in the County will continue with their ongoing mask protocol. Our cities and many businesses will continue with a mask protocol.  Yet, there are those, who make excuses for not doing their part to keep us all safe.

Yes, there is no doubt we are on the home stretch. This week, Milam County will administer over 800 shots of the vaccine. We will run clinics on Thursday and Friday in Rockdale, administering 400 doses each day.  This will be our largest clinics so far.  With the assistance of our wonderful volunteers, we are doing everything we can to make life safe again.  There are thousands of people in the County doing the right thing and we thank them for doing their part.  To all the rest, I say, please do your part and wear a mask and let’s all finish the home stretch and cross the finish line together! 

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