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JUDGE: A better life through Temple College

We certainly need more education opportunities in Milam County.  Education is the key to a better job, higher pay and a better lifestyle.  Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.  A workforce skill, such as a plumber, truck driver or computer skills can lead to better pay and a better lifestyle.  Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to make the next step.  Sometimes money is the issue.  Let this be encouragement and know that Temple College can solve the money issues!

In Milam County about 15 percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher.  Nationwide the average with a bachelor’s degree is 37.9 percent.  The unemployment rate for those without a degree is 17.5 percent while the unemployment rate for those with a degree is 7 percent. Need I say more?

Temple College has been in business since 1926, almost 100 years.  It has what you need to get a higher education or a workforce skill.  The College offers more than 60 programs of study in a variety of career fields.  It also offers many workforce training opportunities, with and without degrees.  For example, one can obtain a CDL license, the basics of plumbing or HAVC.  Through new plans of education, referred to as “guided pathways” Temple College offers many new degrees and certificates specially designed for new workforce opportunities.  For example, Temple College is considering new programs of study for those interested in “Bitcoin” mining.  

For those, who began a community college education, but didn’t finish, Temple College now offers free tuition.  For those that want to learn English as a second language, Temple College offers free tuition.  In addition, Temple College offers up $1,500 for those enrolling in the Fall semester to assist with tuition and expenses! And there is so much more.  Just check out the web site at  

In addition to all of these great programs of study, Temple College is working closely with Milam County to help provide many of these programs right here in the County.  Temple College and the Rockdale ISD have partnered to apply for a large grant to renovate the former Rockdale Hospital as a new learning center.  The tentative plans are to provide additional high school classes and college courses by Temple College.   

All of this provides us with greater opportunities to have a better lifestyle and financial security through higher education.  A better quality of life through more education.  A way out of the poverty cycle.  These opportunities are available today at Temple College!  Soon, these opportunities of hope will be right here in Milam County! 



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