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Cameron, Rockdale working to revitalize downtowns

Improvement means change, which may be hard for some folks. Change is hard because it often means uncertainty. But without change, we stagnate! One of the big changes in the county is revitalization of downtown Cameron and Rockdale. Both cities are working hard to reenergize downtown and move forward. 

For example, both cities have applied for the new HGTV “revitalization” makeover.  HGTV will sponsor a complete makeover of some downtown(s) and homes from one or more of the 961 cities in Texas. The makeover will include downtown building updates and remodeling of vacant buildings to attract new business.

The Cameron Chamber unveiled a short video it produced and sent to HGTV at its annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet last week. The video highlights the need for a facelift to downtown Cameron and potential plans for revitalization and new growth.  With a new theme “Say Yes to Cameron” the Chamber is truly supportive of new growth and revitalization to downtown.

The Chambers of both cities are doing an excellent job of promoting revitalization of their respective towns. The Cameron Chamber banquet was simply outstanding and Rockdale’s banquet is March 28. These are great, non-profit organizations that promote business and growth for their respective cities.

However, it is not just the Chambers, but the respective economic development groups of both cities. The Rockdale MDD has a façade grant that is available to any business in Rockdale for updating the outside of a building as does Cameron. Several businesses in Rockdale have taken advantage of the grant to update their buildings and in turn make downtown look so much more inviting.  

Change is in fact coming, as evidenced by the new 44 Farms Building in downtown Cameron. 44 Farms renovated an old building in downtown and brought back the beauty of its original structure. Mr. Wayne Fisher is renovating another old building in a very similar manner, which will make the Cameron square so much more attractive and inviting. Marilyn Willie just renovated an old house in Cameron to make a very nice restaurant, “Central Avenue Bistro.” These changes help Cameron and Milam County!

While these positive changes are needed and good for all of us, it is nevertheless hard for some. However, these changes are not for the sake of change, but for the sake of improvement! These are needed positive changes with little uncertainty that will move us forward.  

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