Yoe prepares for long road trip to Bay CIty

The Cameron Yoemen have played in a many of stadiums in their history.  On Friday night, the program will get to check another off the list when they make the 167 mile trip Black Cat Memorial Stadium - home of Bay City.  


The long road trip definitely has its challenges logistically, but could also prove to be beneficial in certain areas.  


“There are pros and cons to it,” said Yoe head coach Tommy Brashear.  “I think the pro is that you are getting your kids ready to travel like they may have to travel during the playoffs.  The past couple of years we have been fortunate and have not had to travel too far, but some years we have had to travel far.  I like that about it.  With that said, I will not be keeping them on schedule with such a long trip.  It wears on your kids and coaches.  It’s a long day and long hours and makes for a longer weekend when watching film on Saturday.”


The team, which will be taking charter buses, will be departing from Cameron at 1:30 p.m.  


Bay City made this same trip down to Cameron last season.  It was a competitive battle, but the Yoemen managed to hang on, 30-27.  The Black Cats finished 2016 with a 7-5 overall record and had its playoff run end in the area round to Bridge City (39-19).  


Bay City’s 2017 home opener versus Columbus was cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey, but  wins were recorded in week two and three over Bellville (35-34, OT) and Sweeny (16-15).  



Much like last year, this week’s game will be unique because both of these teams run the same offense.  Both Brashear and Bay City head coach Lupe Florez were both coordinators under Rick Rhoades, and both have continued what has won games in the past.  


“They are doing the same exact offense and terminology,” said Brashear.  “That is a challenge.  Last year we were picking their signals and I think that helped us a little bit.  He assures me we won’t be able to pick his signals this year.”


Through three games, Cameron has seen quarterbacks that can run and some that can throw, but not a true dual-threat playmaker like they will see with Black Cat junior signal caller Dylan Davidson.  Davidson has thrown for 316 yards and 4 touchdowns through two games, but also leads the team in rushing with 227 yards and two scores.  


“This will be the first dual threat we have gone up against,” said Brashear.  “Bellville had a good, athletic quarterback, but he was more of a runner as opposed to a passer.  Gatesville had a runner, but he ran in the power game.”


A lot of those rushing yards come on what are designed pass plays that end up being improvisation on the part of Davidson.  Bay City has a total of eight starters returning from last season’s team that averaged just over 25 points per ball game.  



Eight is also the number of starters returning on the defensive side of the ball which has given up a modest 24.5 points per game.  


Much like the offense, the scheme on this side of the ball is similar to what the Yoemen operate out of.  


“They run the same defense as ours with the 3-4,” said Brashear.  “They are going to play games with their outside backers, sometimes helping with the pass and other times with the run.”


The difference may come with some looks in the back end of the unit.  


“They will have a cover four kind of look,” said Brashear on the secondary.  “We are a more of a cover two sort of look.  They prefer to not get beat deep whereas we will read the coverage and man it up.”


Yoe’s Advantage?

This will be the first week where the Yoemen could be matched in overall speed, which is not the norm.  


“They are going to be the fastest team we played all year on offense and defense,” said Brashear.  “They fly around to the football.”


This week, you may need to keep a close eye on things in the trenches.  


“They are a little smaller up front than what we have seen,” said Brashear.  “I really think our o-line is bigger and stronger.  I have been very happy with our o-line and it has been an advantage for us.”


Brashear also noted that he feels overall team experience could come into play.  


“I think the experience at quarterback will be an advantage for us.  “Experience in general will be an advantage for us.  They have a young team.  They had some really good players graduate last year.  They still have some good ones coming back, but I think experience is on our side.”