Summer baseball heads to Cameron

Despite still being in the early stages of development, The Yards of Cameron is already starting to have its impact on the community. Over the weekend, play from the Team Showcase Baseball League (TSL) moved over to Cameron on Sunday, bringing hundreds of travelers from different parts of the state to town. The showcase tournament was originally scheduled to be completed in Temple, Hillsboro and Corsicana, but rain forced some of those games to the all-turf facility for the final day of play.


The TSL is one of a variety of different organizations that host summer baseball across the state. These types of baseball tournaments continue to grow in popularity and a central location for the mid-major markets of Waco and Bryan and major markets of Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio to meet up is desirable, and Cameron is one of the more ideal locations for those tournaments to take place.


The next major phase of this project is getting two more high school level fields built. This will allow for essentially three times the amount of teams and three times the amount of traffic to make its way to Cameron on a weekly basis. In turn, that will help boost the local economy while promoting growth. There is still a ways to go, but Cameron is well on its way to being one of the top spots in the state for baseball.


7-on-7 comes to an end


This past week, the final games of the 7-on-7 season took place from the state championships in College Station. When accessing 7-on-7, I look at it much like most coaches would. You compete to win, but I can assure you that any coach in Texas would give up success in touch football to compete for state championship in December.


There are two main takeaways for me. The first is the fact that the kids are involved and working on improving their skills in the summer months. In pretty much every interview with Yoe head football coach Tommy Brashear, that was always the top take-a-way. I believe it benefits Cameron even further since they are running plays now that you will see on Friday nights this fall.


Secondly, this gives the coaches a chance to look at personnel. I believe this could be one of the best core of receivers that Cameron has had over the past several years The Zack Andress to Iverson Westbrook connection will need to produce big numbers in 2017, but KeAndrew Moore, Ka’Zirrus Holt, and Kadrian Hammond have all have caught the ball well. The more diverse the offense is, the tougher it will be to stop.



My top 10 Yoemen football games since 2010


Next week, I will start a four-week long series where I list my top 10 Yoemen football games since the 2010 season. The next three weeks I will feature three games before my number one game in week four. With 102 games played the past seven seasons, along with five state championship game appearances, there are plenty of quality options to choose from. Tradition, the point of the season the games took place, and the results from the games were taken into consideration. Next week, we will start with games eight through ten.