4-6-3 Monument added to The Yards of Cameron

By Josh Pratt

Staff writer

In February, the Yards of Cameron was officially introduced to the community as one of the top state-of-the-art outdoor sporting facilities in the country.  Less than a year later, there is already a new feature addition coming to the entrance of the park.  

On Friday, December 16, a large crowd gathered at Founders Hall to celebrate the unveiling and dedication of the 4-6-3 Double Play monument.  The twice life-sized figure is a one of a kind piece of art that all future visitors will see as they make their way inside the complex.     

The monument was designed by Robert Hogan and was made possible through donations from the Fisher and Pemberton families.  

“This would have not happened without the generosity of the Fisher and Pemberton families,” said Bob McClaren, president of the Cameron Future Foundation.  

Cameron ISD superintendent Alan Sapp expressed his gratitude to the families for making this project a reality.  “We can’t think the Fisher’s and Pemberton’s enough for doing this.  “Every time the kids drive around that they are going to have to say wow, how fortunate are we to have something like this.”


Robert Hogan - The Artist

The artist that sculpted the 4-6-3 Double Play monument has worked on a variety of projects across the country.  Locally, Robert Hogan has produced pieces for Texas A&M University and the Houston Astros, and is responsible for the Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell monuments in front of Minute Maid Park in Houston. 

Hogan discovered his knack and natural talent for sculpting in 1994 while watching an artist sculpt at an art show.  Hogan noted Friday that he “thought he could do that” while watching the artist.  His first piece was accepted by a prominent art gallery in Dallas. 

McClaren, while working with the Astros in 1993, met Hogan at an all-star event.  In the coming years the Astros commissioned Hogan to create the sculptures found at Minute Maid Park today.  

“With Bob McClaren’s knowledge of this particular artist and his sculptures that he’s done, it was really what connected us to this particular one,” said Cameron economic development executive director Ginger Watkins.  

Hogan noted how he felt Cameron was a special place that should be proud of what is being accomplished. 

“What a nice community and spirit that you have (in Cameron).  From the time that I got here yesterday it was just marvelous.  You should be just so proud of your town.  It is just wonderful to be a part of it.”

Hogan said the sculpture weighs approximately 3,000 pounds and is constructed of bronze and stainless steel.  


Moving Forward

The Yards of Cameron represents an accumulation of work and effort put in by the city of Cameron and its residents, and the 4-6-3 monument furthermore symbolizes all of what has been poured into the project and what is to come.  

“I don’t know of any community in Texas or maybe the country that can brag about how everyone has come together to make this a possibility,” said McClaren.  I am excited about where we are and I am about excited about the facilities we have to brag about and share with all of Texas.  

In addition to the monument, the park features the high school baseball field, founders hall, farmers market, outdoor play space, hike-n-bike trail, and parking.  

The goal of the project is to drive people to Cameron through baseball tournament play.  That will come to fruition as more phases are added onto the existing development. 

“This community is headed in a great direction, particularly on this project,” said Watkins.  “We had committed to the school district to build the two additional baseball fields within five years of the original one.  We are still working on driving towards the next two fields and making them equally as unique and special so that we are a draw. We are still moving forward.”