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Donation to fund quick response vehicle for county

Milam County residents will soon see additional medical help.

Milam County Commissioners met in a special meeting on Monday to approve the acceptance of  a $180,000 donation from a group of solar projects in the county to fund a quick response vehicle and paramedic for the county.

“On behalf of the Milam County Coalition we are happy to announce today that an arrangement has been worked out with the solar companies for this donation,” Milam County Judge Steve Young said. “That money will be used to buy a QRV (quick response vehicle) and the equipment that goes with it. The rest of the money will be used to pay a paramedic to operate the vehicle for the next year.”

Young said the QRV will be used in a lot of different ways. It will be used in the event that an ambulance call comes in and there isn’t one to send over or when a call comes in that may not need an ambulance response. That vehicle will be sent over with the paramedic to make that decision.

This will not be a transport vehicle.

“Several months ago Monty Humble called me about this,” Young said. “I contacted the mayors and we have been talking about this along with AMR.”

AMR will purchase the vehicle and operate the QRV with dispatching and paramedics.

All five cities in the county backed the plan. 

“This is something that will help out,” Cameron Mayor Bill Harris said. “We recognize that this is just a band aid. It will not fix the issues. This is something that takes us down the road. We hear you and recognize that there is a need, so we are doing what we can to fill that need. We have been blessed with this contribution.”

Harris said that the county and cities are doing the best job they can with the resources available as a small rural county.

“This is a coalition of about six solar companies in the county,” Monty Humble said. “EDP Renewables, EDF Renewables, Apex Clean Energy, High Road Clean Energy and Texas Country Title are all involved. It is an honor to come back to the county and be able to do something for the county. We are pleased to do something that fills a viable need for the county.”

The vehicle will be owned by the coalition that includes Cameron, Rockdale, and Milam County. 

AMR is estimating the QRV would be ready in 45-60 days. 

“This new arrangement has truly been a community-wide effort on the part of the Milam County Coalition, including Cameron Mayor Bill Harris, Rockdale Mayor John King, Buckholts Mayor Eaton, Thorndale Mayor George Galbreath and Milano Mayor Karl Westbrook,” Young said. “We have all worked side by side to get this agreement in place.  Of course, we thank Monty Humble and all of the solar companies for their generous donation and AMR for agreeing to incorporate the vehicle into our current ambulance service.  This will be a huge benefit for every Milam County resident.”




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