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Cameron Lions to host essay contest

The Cameron Lions Club is having a Diabetes Awareness Essay Contest.

This contest is open to Juniors and Seniors at Yoe High School or  comparable educational program in Cameron.

Scholarship Awards will be presented to first-place $500 and second place $250.

The contest will be held in December 2020.

The essay subject is about diabetes. 

Diabetes is a growing concern in the USA and around the world. One of the reasons why the incidence of diabetes is rising is because of unawareness. As a society, we should promote awareness, and one way to do this is to educate young people about diabetes. What is diabetes, signs and symptoms, and how can diabetes be prevented and managed? 

In this essay, contestants should explain why diabetes awareness is important to schools K-12 grades. The essay may include diabetes information provided by teachers, nurses, doctors, dieticians, classmates, anyone they know with diabetes, and from printed or digital materials. 

The essay may reflect if any information obtained from the schools and others was helpful or not.  As contestants look back on their K-12 years of education, they should also include information about diabetes they would have liked to have received but did not.

The Title of the Contestant’s essay is not required to be the same as the Subject of the essay. Contestants should be creative in the selection of an essay title and set the tone of their presentation with the title they choose.

The essay should analyze the problem given in the subject and present a solution or solutions to the problem.

The topic is broad and allows the contestants considerable leeway in the selection of their solution or solutions.

Creative, innovative, practical and reasonable ideas are welcome.

Each contestant shall personally research, write and read his/her contest essay.

Research for this topic can be conducted by interviewing physicians, nurses, medical professionals, community and organization works, etc., and by using the internet and library. The essay shall be a written article, to be read by the Contestant, to be judged by a panel of judges in competition with other Contestants.

The essay shall not exceed 1,500 words.

The following criteria shall be used for judging the essays:

- Sixty percent of the score shall be based on the authenticity, current information and an application of the assigned essay topic.

- Twenty-five percent of the score shall be based on the understandability of the essay through personal presentation techniques, in the use of posture, eye contact and voice by its modulation, volume, speed, and clarity.

- Fifteen percent of the score shall be based on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, pronunciation, enunciation, correct word usage, and relationship to the assigned essay topic.

- For more information on the Cameron Lions Club Diabetes Essay Contest information contact Susan Fuchs at (254) 482-0612.


The application form is a fillable form that needs to be completed and 

emailed to Susan Fuchs, by Nov. 16, 2020.









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