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JUDGE: Voter registration is open until Oct. 5

There is no question, talk is cheap. But there is another thing that is not cheap and that is your one and only right to vote!  

Millions of Americans have died so that we now have the right to vote; the freedom to exercise that most basic right of democracy – the right to vote.  Think of all of those oppressed people in this world who would love to have the right to vote.  The right to participate in a democracy, the right to choose their leaders, the right to have a say in the government they pay for.  We have all that here and more, but yet most people don’t vote.

In Milam County alone our population is about 25,000, but yet approximately 15,092 are registered to vote. In the March primary, only 5,351 voted and only 2,200 in the July run-off. Frankly, it is startling that so many let this precious right get away.  And Milam County makes it so easy to vote.  

Voter registration is open until Oct. 5, 2020, and the county is providing numerous opportunities to register. One can download the form and complete the form in less than ten minutes.  The registration form can then be mailed, or hand delivered to the County Clerk’s office. Check out our Milam County voting Facebook page for information on registering and voting: and our county webpage at for all our latest updates.    

Mail ballots are available to anyone who is 65 or older, to anyone with a disability, or any Milam County resident who will be absent from the county at the time of the election.  One must send in a request for a mail ballot and the request must be received by the County Clerk by Oct. 23, 2020, received not postmarked. Thereafter a mail ballot is sent to the requestor and the person can mail the ballot back or physically bring it to the County Clerk’s office. You can call and request or just check the status of your application at (254) 697-7000 or by email at

Early voting in the County begins on Oct. 13, 2020, and continues through Oct. 30, 2020. 

Early voting will be conducted at four locations in the County; Bea’s Kitchen in Cameron, Buckholts Civic Center, The Patterson Center in Rockdale and the Thorndale VFW Hall.  Election day is Nov. 3 and voting will be conducted at the four places listed above and at: the Cameron Housing Authority, the Cowboy Church in Rockdale, the Milano Fire Station and the Gause Fire Station.

Don’t complain about County government or in fact any part of government, if you don’t vote.  This is your right and your duty.  This is a privilege that millions of men and women have fought and died for.  This is a right that we continue to fight for.  This is your chance to choose your leaders and the direction of your government.  Don’t talk about it – do about it – Vote!

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