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JUDGE: Moot court competition to include Milam County schools

For the first time, Milam County will sponsor a “moot court” competition at the Milam County Courthouse on April 23 and 24.

All five schools of the county will participate in this historic event, including Buckholts, Cameron, Milano, Thorndale and Rockdale. The competition will be open to those in grades 9-12. Representatives of all schools met at the Courthouse on Feb. 8 to discuss how the competition should be conducted.

The purpose of the competition is to give students an introduction to the legal practice. On or before March 8, the schools will select teams to participate and the teams will consist of two students. Each team will make an oral argument to a panel of three judges based on a fictitious set of facts that has been prepared containing rather complex legal issues. Each team will argue at least twice, and each will argue both for the accused and against the accused. Each team will be scored on presentation, knowledge of the issues, pervasiveness, etc.

The winning team and runner up will receive awards and monetary prizes. The accused is a young high school student who was arrested for having marijuana in close proximity to his car. Following the student’s arrest, the student’s father was arrested for allegedly growing marijuana in his house.

The legal issues involve the 4th amendment and the protection it affords against improper search and seizure. Several lawyers in the County have agreed to participate as mentors and tutors, including Benton Watson, Hollis Lewis, Jenny Gebhart, James Walker, County Attorney Kyle Nuttal, Assistant DA Brian Price and Michelle Lehmkuhl. These fine lawyers will meet with the teams and help prepare them for their oral arguments. The Judges for the competition will include District Judge John Youngblood, County Judge Steve Young and District Attorney Bill Torrey.

The competition will be open to the public and it we think it will be covered by The Reporter, The Herald, KRXT and KMIL.

If you know a student who may be interested in the competition, let us or the student’s school know their interest and we will get them on a team. This is the first time there has been a moot court competition in the County and probably the first time that all five schools have competed against each other. If you would like to help, please contact me at Please come out and be a part of this important historic and educational event.

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