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It is up to us to bring progress to county

For the past 11 months we have been promoting economic development in Milam County.  

In those months we have made a lot of progress and good things are happening.  For example, we have had four successful economic summits in the county to bring this issue to the forefront.  We now have solar and the latest technology coming to the county, which is what we all want and need.  

However, we must remember that we all must work together to continue to make progress.  Further, there are things that each one of us can do to make a difference.  We must all remember that we cannot have progress without change!

Each of us has an important role to play in economic development and each of us can make a positive improvement.  

For example, we need to take care of the businesses we already have in the county.  That means shop locally!  Every one of us can shop locally. The prices are competitive, and one does not have to make a trip.  With Christmas shopping upon us, shop locally.  Remember this increases our sales taxes for the county and better enables the county to provide the services you want.

We need to take advantage of every single opportunity we must grow this county.  We cannot wait for Alcoa to bring in a big fish to fix our problems.  While Alcoa is working hard to fill an employment void, it is not their issue; it is ours, the residents of Milam County.  

For example, we have development opportunities in downtown Cameron.  If the county moves out of downtown, there is room for new business, new taxes and new growth.  If the County stays in downtown, nothing changes; no new stores, no new places to eat, no new taxes.  And by the way, the County can move to the new annex without any new taxes!  But it is a change and change is hard for some.

Medical care is important to our economic progress and we are getting new medical to the county.  We have free helicopter ambulance service to any county resident.  We have a new Healthpoint Clinic in Rockdale and we have a clinic in Thorndale, a second clinic in Rockdale and Scott and White in Cameron.   By April 2020 we hope to have telehealth in the county as well.  One will be able to go to a kiosk machine, talk directly to a doctor and get medication all in one place, 24/7.

We are truly making progress and we will continue to make progress. However, how much and how fast we grow depends on each resident of the county. We cannot close our eyes and ears and leave it up to someone else, because it will not happen. Remember we are competing with 253 other counties who want the same business.  Let’s continue to work together to take advantage of every reasonable opportunity and let’s don’t be afraid of change!


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