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Good people are working for the county

As a taxpayer you can be proud of the people we have working for you and Milam County.  

By far, these are experienced, dedicated, concerned and hard working people doing the work of County government to provide the services you expect.  From recording your deed to grading your road, these are experienced, proud people who are doing their best to serve the citizens of Milam County.

Last Friday night we had our annual Milam County Christmas party. We have almost 250 people in attendance, which was the largest crowd in quite some time. 

We were so proud to give out service awards to so many people with such longevity, such as: Cindy Vrazel - 10 years, District Clerk’s Office; Aurora Millan - 10 years, JP Office, Pct. 2; Nancy Schneider - 10 years, County Clerk’s Office; Olivia Boliver - 10 years, Medical Department; Lindsey Summers - 10 years, Medical Department; Mariel Gonzalez - 10 years, Medical Department; Marie Reyes - 10 years, Medical Department; Leon Hollas - 10 years, R&B Pct. 1; Elbert Svetlik - 10 years, R&B Pct. 1; Opey Watkins - 10 years, Comm. Pct. 1; Billy Felfe - 15 years, R&B Pct. 4; Cindy de la Rosa - 15 years, Tax Assessor’s Office; Misty Kirk - 15 years, District Clerk’s Office; Margot Contreras - 15 years, District Clerk’s Office; Rhonda Gelner - 15 years, DPS Office; Chris White - 15 years, Sheriff’s Office; Jodi Morgan - 15 years, County Clerk’s Office; Suzanne Gelner - 20 years, County Clerk’s Office; Helen Lenued - 20 years, Bea’s Kitchen; Ann Krenek - 20 years, Bea’s Kitchen; Renee Mueck - 20 years, Bea’s Kitchen; Jay Beathard - 20 years, Constable Pct. 3; Dr. Sydney Richardson - 20 years, Medical Department; Kenneth Janicek - 20 years, Veteran’s Affairs; Danica Lara - 20 years, Auditor; Helen Reyes - 20 years, Sheriff’s Department; Sherry Mueck - 15 years, Tax Assessor; Jeff Muegge - 35 years, Comm. Pct. 4; Michelle Poston - 20 years, Adult Probation.

Stephen Honeycutt, Leon Hollas, and Russell Niemtschk, of our Road & Bridge departments; and Susan Reinders of Emergency Management were recognized as they are retiring after many years of dedicated service.

This is an impressive list of experienced employees of the county. We thank them for their years of dedicated service to the county.

But it’s not just years of service, its dedication to the community as well.  For example, County Commissioner John Fisher has volunteered his time and professional service as an auctioneer to just about every fundraiser in the county for years and years.  He was recognized and thanked for his community service to the good citizens of Milam County at Commissioners Court on Monday, Dec. 9.  

These are just a few of the almost 200 employees of Milam County that are working hard for you every day to make Milam County a better place.  They are truly good people of whom every citizen of Milam County can be proud.  The next time you go by a county office for service, thank them for their hard work!









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