Milam County road closures

Updated 1-3-19 at 8:30 a.m.

Update on Road Closures - TxDOT reports that roads closed overnight were FM 487 at Val Halla Farms, FM 486 South at Brushy Creek, FM 908 at Brushy Creek, FM 486 at Little River, FM 1915 South at Little River, FM 437 at Little River, FM 2269 at Big Elm, FM 437 at Donahoo Creek, and FM 1915 North at Big Elm, County Roads - 445 at Brushy Creek, 437 at Turkey Creek, 417 and 418 near Davilla, 116, 119, 120 at creek crossings, 240/Ball Park Road at Big Elm and 227 at Little River. These roads are closed due to dangerously high and swift moving water -PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CROSS, Turn Around - Don't Drown.

Check for up to date road conditions.