Little River Healthcare closes

Little River Healthcare will close its facilities in Milam County on Dec. 7.

Employees of Little River Healthcare received a communication on Friday, Nov. 30, stating that services would be discontinued because the deadline of Friday, Nov. 30, passed without a strategic partner to help facilitate a smooth transition in ownership.

LRHC had essentially been on life support since early November when it was rumored that they were changing their bankruptcy status from Chapter 11 (reorganize) to Chapter 7 (liquidate).

The hospital board had been involved in efforts to find a strategic partner to keep the facilities open but the letter stated one had not been found by the afternoon of Nov. 30, triggering the closings.

Little River Healthcare system, based in Rockdale, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy July 24 in Texas Western Bankruptcy Court. At the time of the bankruptcy the company had two hospitals, nearly 600 employees, and an associated physician practice with 63 doctors. 

Court filings show the company has struggled to meet rising payroll demands and had over $1 million in outstanding wages at the time of the bankruptcy filing. Records also show that Little River and its affiliates top creditors are owed a combined nearly $17 million. 

Facilities that will close are the Rockdale Hospital, Rockdale Family Care Clinic, Rockdale Downtown Clinic, Cameron Hospital and Cameron Clinic. Almost 300 employees will be laid off.

According to the company's website posted Thursday morning: 

"Due to unfortunate financial conditions, all LIttle River Healthcare Facilities and operations were closed as of Dec. 4, 2018.

If you are requesting a copy of your medical records and services at Little River Healthcare - Georgetown Imaging, Little River Healthcare - Temple Surgery Center, or any of the Little River Healthcare's facilities in Rockdale or Cameron, please call (512) 430- 6492 for instructions on how to request a copy of your records.

If you received medical services at any other locations, and not including Little River Healthcare - Central Texas Urology, please call (254) 298-2450 to request your records.

When additional information becomes available it will be posted on Facebook, the company's website at, and on the company's automated phone system.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will miss providing healthcare to the community. Thank you for your many year's of support."