Milam County voters elect Young for judge

Milam County’s new judge will be Steve Young.

Young, a Republican, will replace current County Judge David Barkemeyer who will retire at the end of this term. Young received 5,418 votes. Challenger Jared Melde received 2,513 votes. 

“I was pleased to get that much of the vote,” Young said. “That support is important moving forward and will help to get things done.”

Young said he spoke with Melde and thanked him for running a clean, positive campaign.

“The number one thing I am ready to work on is economic growth and jobs and growing a tax base for Milam County,” Young said. “We have gotten that started with the economic development committee and I hope to grow that. We want business to know that Milam County wants you to come here.”

County voters also overwhelmingly voted against a county proposition to adopt a flood control tax and farm-to-market and lateral roads tax. A total of 4,838 voters voted against the measure, while 2,244 voted for it.

Over 8,000 of the county’s 15,000 registered voters cast votes in the election.

Milam County voters helped the statewide Republican sweep of state and national offices.

In the race for Texas governor, Milam County voters stuck with a statewide trend to re-elect Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott (R) received 6,061 votes, Lupe Valdez (D) received 1,782 votes and Mark Jay Tippetts (L) received 115 votes. Statewide Abbott received 55.8 percent of the vote, Valdez received 42.5 percent of the vote, and Tippetts received 1.68 percent of the vote.

In the race for U.S Senator, Milam County voters helped return Ted Cruz to Washington. Cruz (R) received 5,905 votes, Beto O’Rourke (D) received 1,891 votes, and Neal M. Dikeman (L) received 68 votes. Statewide Cruz received 50.89 percent of the vote, O’Rourke received 48.32 percent of the vote and Dikeman received .78 percent of the vote. 

Milam County voters also voted to send District 17 U.S. Rep. Bill Flores back to Washington for another term. Flores (R) received 5,941 votes, Rick Kennedy (D) received 1,891 votes, and Peter Churchman (L) received 96 votes. Statewide Flores received 56.41 percent of the vote, Kennedy received 41.7 percent of the vote, and Churchman received 1.88 percent of the vote.

In state races, county voters helped re-elect State Senator, District 5, Charles Schwertner, and State Rep., District 20, Terry Wilson. Schwertner received 5,663 votes in the senate race beating Democrat Meg Walsh, who received 2,066 votes, and Amy Lyons, who received 160 votes. Wilson received 5,954 votes in the District 20 race beating Democrat Stephen M. Wyman’s 1,923 votes.

County results for other races are as follows:

Lieutenant Governor: Dan Patrick - 5620, Mike Collier – 2129, Kerry Douglas McKennon -171

Attorney General: Ken Paxton – 5670, Justin Nelson - 2066, Michael Ray Harris - 161

Comptroller of Public Accounts: Glenn Hegar – 5857, Joi Chevalier – 1793, Ben Sanders- 206

Railroad Commissioner: Christi Craddick – 5780, Roman McAllen – 1863, Mike Wright – 202

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2: Jimmy Blacklock – 5837, Steven Kirkland – 2006

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4: John Devine – 5867, R.K. Sandill – 1936

Commissioner of the General Land Office: George P. Bush- 5769, Miguel Suazo-1826, Matt Pina- 288

Commissioner of Agriculture: Sid Miller- 5714, Kim Olson- 2011, Richard Carpenter- 154