Week 11 Football Outlooks

Lago Vista Vs. Cameron Yoe

Cameron totally dominated New Tech last week and that was expected. At the end of the day, New Tech has no business playing varsity football as the Yoe JV could have won this game by 40 points or so. The main thing to take out of the win is that nobody was hurt and all the bumps and bruises are starting to heal for the start of the playoffs.


Lago Vista has struggled mightily throughout the entire season and it all came to a head in last week’s 62 point loss to Troy. Five Viking starters were out, which hurts when you only have a handful of seniors on the roster to begin with The main problem with Lago Vista is not coaching, but the fact that they are lacking in overall talent and speed. We know this team runs the same offense that we saw from Katy St. John earlier this season, so the Yoemen are familiar with it. Additionally, two of the best teams in the region - Franklin and Woodville - are also heavy run.


The big key this week is to look sharp. You don’t want to enter the playoffs feeling like you could have played better the week before.

Josh’s Pick: Cameron Yoe by 28+


Holland (8-1/5-0) Vs. Milano (4-4/3-2)

Milano took care of business last week with Rosebud-Lott, which guarantees them a spot in the playoffs. Now, the Eagles can enter the postseason with real momentum if they can defeat Holland, which is going to be the number one seed regardless if they win or lose this game. If Milano wins and Hearne falls to Rosebud-Lott, then the Eagles would be the third place team.

Josh’s Pick: Holland by 28+


Marlin Vs. Thorndale

The Bulldogs will be the number two seed out of the playoffs with a win over a winless Marlin team. Thorndale can finish no higher than second, as even a Holland loss would not help the Bulldogs as they already lost that head-to-head matchup earlier this year. There is no denying that this is one of the most down Marlin teams in program history.

Josh’s Pick: Thorndale by 28+


Academy Vs. Rockdale

This is the big game out of 10-3A this week as the winner will be the number three seed and the loser will be the number four seed. Believe it or not, it could be better off to finish fourth instead of third this year. The team to avoid out of 9-3A would be Grandview, and those guys can still finish either first or second. I would say both Rockdale or Academy would have a much better chance of beating a team such as West.. With regards to this matchup, I do believe Rockdale will show up and look sharp, taking care of business early and often.

Josh’s Pick: Rockdale by 28+.


New Tech Vs. Jarrell

Regardless of what happens in this game, both of these teams are going to be sitting at home next week. New Tech does give it their all, but they simply do not have the talent to compete on the varsity level. Much like every other contest, this game should be over by the end of the first quarter.

Josh’s Pick: Jarrell by 28+


Teague Vs. West

This is one of two big games to watch out of 9-3A this week. It’s pretty simple for West, as if you win you are going to be the number one seed in the playoffs, However, if you lose you could drop all the way down to fourth place if Whitney were to win their game with Groesbeck. Teague has been playing better football as of late and I would anticipate this game being close all the way until the end.

Josh’s Pick: West by 3.


Whitney Vs. Groesbeck

This is the second big game out of this district as the winner is going to be in the playoffs and the loser is going to be sitting at home. A Groesbeck win would secure the number four seed and would leave Whitney out of the playoffs. A Whitney win coupled with a Teague win means Whitney would be third. A Whitney win coupled with a West win would result in a fourth place finish. There is not scenario where Cameron could meet up with Grandview in the first round as they can finish no worse then second, while Teague could finish no worse than third. Groesbeck, Whitney or West are the three potential opponents.

Josh’s Pick: Whitney by 7