Thorndale ISD begins Guardian program

Thorndale students returned to school this week with a new program for protection on the campus.

Thorndale ISD’s board of trustees voted in June to create a School Guardian program. 

Superintendent Adam Ivy said they did not make this decision lightly or without much consideration. “After research and community feedback, they decided on a course of action including training requirements, personnel, signage, etc.,” he said. “With nearly 400 community responses to our survey, 94 percent of respondents were in favor of this program.”

Ivy said the staff members selected went through an extensive training program and will continue ongoing training and practice throughout the year. Their identity, along with details of the program will be kept confidential to protect the integrity of the program. 

“We wish that this was not the type of issue we had to worry about in schools but the fact is that things have changed in America,” he said. “While there is no way to be completely prepared for any type of catastrophic event we want to be as ready as possible. We pray that we never have the need to use our Guardian program.” 

Ivy wants community members to keep in mind that this new program does not allow open carry to anyone outside of those appointed guardians.