Commissioners approve extension with AMR

Members of the Milam County Historical Commission with Milam County Commissioners.






Milam County Commissioners reapproved a contract for ambulance services and honored the Milam County Historical Commission during a meeting on June 25.

Commissioners approved a five-year extension on a contract with AMR for ambulance services in the county.

Judge David Barkemeyer said that the Milam County Coalition of Cameron, Rockdale and AMR has been in existence since 2005 and they are always looking at what is the best thing for the county to do for ambulance services. He said that at this point in time a five-year extension - the same as it has been in the past – is what is best.

“We anticipate that there might be a need for some modifications during that five years,” he said.  “There have been discussions to bring Thorndale in and this agreement allows the inclusion of the Thorndale area into the coalition if there is a need with changes to response time. At this time the cost is prohibitive for them, but that can change in the future.”

Commissioners also presented a Distinguished Service Award to the Milam County Historical Commission for 2017.

In other business commissioners also: approved an agreement to accept donation of funds for transportation of materials for maintenance of CR 338; approved a resolution for resale of tax-foreclosure properties; heard a report on the adoption of Farm-to-Market and Flood Control Property Tax Rate; approved the deputation of Grace Kistler in the County Clerk’s Office; and approved a resolution authorizing County Grant Program for the year 2019 for HCCAA Home Delivered Meals Grant.