Yoe Nation Reads to kick off push for literacy

Cameron ISD will soon launch a new push to promote literacy in the community in hopes to better prepare students for their futures – Yoe Nation Reads.

Yoe Nation Reads will stress the importance of literacy and reading to students’ futures.

The push is the result of the Cameron Connection’s discussion of issues facing the district’s students. The Cameron Connection, a group of community members and school district employees, has been meeting monthly since this fall to discuss issues facing the school district and find ways to promote academics in the district.

CISD parents can expect their children to come home with fliers explaining the emphasis as well as books for their children to read this summer. Each student in Pre-K through eighth grade will receive four free books of their choice to take home this summer.

Cameron Connection was formed to support academic success of Cameron ISD’s students. 

Yoe Nation Reads, the group’s first endeavor, is to provide opportunities for our students to become better readers by stopping the “summer slide.” Students can fall behind an average of two months in reading during the summer. Three summers of falling behind can equal a half year slide backwards.  

“However, students who read at least four books during the summer do not experience the summer slide,” CISD Assistant Superintendent Susan Pommerening.

“We are very concerned and see the effects of students sliding backwards during the summer months.  Literacy is the foundational component to future success of our children,” CISD Superintendent Allan Sapp said. 

Cameron students are falling behind in reading as they get older. 

CISD students below grade level in reading in 2018 are as follows:

Ben Milam: first grade – 29 out of 133 students are below grade level; second grade – 22 out of 134 students are below grade level.

Cameron Elementary: third grade – 52 out of 142 students are below grade level; fourth grade – 73 out of 150 students are below grade level; fifth grade – 85 out of 141 are below grade level.

Cameron Junior High: sixth grade – 85 out of 118 students are below grade level; seventh grade – 90 out of 135 students are below grade level; eighth grade – 102 out of 127 students are below grade level.

Yoe Nation Reads aims to help parents help their students with literacy through making reading materials more available to students outside of the classroom.  

“The key is to find books on topics that students enjoy and that are on the child’s reading level,” Pommerening said.

A new mobile library will launch this summer. Cameron ISD is currently working on re-purposing an old CISD school bus to serve as a mobile library. The library will be available during the Summer Lunch Program this summer at Cameron Elementary and at community events. Students can come on board and get a book to take home to work on their literacy skills.  

“We are so excited about the possibilities of our Yoe Nation Reads Mobile Library,” Sapp said. “The painting, installation of shelves and carpet should be done by mid-June.  We plan to stock the shelves with books for students and adults.”

Parents can help with literacy skills by reading with their children at home, asking them about what they read to help them comprehend, talking about current events, and downloading learning games on your phone.

Parents can also take their children to the Cameron Public Library this summer for its Summer Reading Program. The program begins June 4. The library will be open from 5-7 p.m. Monday and Thursday and your child can get a free book when they visit. Their will also be special programming all summer for children.

You can find out more by visiting the Cameron Public Library at 304 East Third Street in Cameron.

You can find out more about Yoe Nation Reads and community events focused on literacy by following the Cameron Connection’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/Cameron-Connection