Thorndale voters turn down bond issues; put new faces on council

There will be a slate of new faces on Thorndale City Council following Saturday’s election, and voters once again turned down Thorndale ISD’s efforts for new facilities.

Voters elected newcomers Wayne Green and Steven Zuehlke to City Council, along with former mayor Allen Hejl. Zuelke led all votes with 30.22 percent of the vote, Green followed with 23.26 percent of the vote and Hejl won 17.32 percent of the vote. Remaining candidates Sam Pickett and Ashleigh Moehling received 15.45 percent and 13.75 percent of the vote respectively.

George Galbreath Jr. was elected mayor, garnering 58.33 percent of the vote to Mara McDowell’s 41.67 percent.


Thorndale ISD

TISD voters elected Ann Glenn and Adam Fisher to the school board. Glenn won 41.82 percent of the vote, Fisher won 29.87 percent of the vote, and challenger Trey Gilchrist won 28.32 percent of the vote.

Voters once again turned down the district’s bond proposals voting against all three propositions. Results were: Proposition A – 46.46 percent for and 53.54 percent against; Proposition B – 48.62 percent for and 51.38 percent against; Proposition C – 44.77 percent for and 55.23 percent against.