May bond issues will offer options to TISD voters

Voters in Thorndale ISD will once again decide on a bond election on May 5.

TISD school trustees are proposing a mix-and-match style ballot in which voters can choose some, all or non of the three options which total $12,940,000.

The bonds, if passed, would mean a new high school, band hall and resurfaced track and more parking. There will also be changes to other buildings including the conversion of the high school to a middle school and the middle school for a fourth- and fifth-grade campus.

The bond will be presented to the public in three different options. 

Proposition A, a $9.8 million package, will include a new two-story high school building, the conversion of the high school into a middle school library and administration building, the conversion of the middle school into a new fourth- and fifth-grade campus, cafeteria renovations and more. 

Proposition B, a $2.4 million package, will include a new band hall addition, enclosure of the existing elementary pavilion, installation of an HVAC system in the middle school gym and renovations to the ag building. 

Proposition C, a $680,000 proposal, will resurface the existing track, construct 50 new parking spaces and purchase land for future construction.

If all three propositions pass, the TISD tax rate would increase by 44.85 cents. The tax rate will go up by lesser rates if only one or two of the proposals pass.

“Much time went in to gathering data from the last bond,” TISD Superintendent Adam Ivy said. “We used survey information to come up with a plan for the district and taxpayers.”

Ivy said this bond was formed through many open forums with the community and the final proposals reflect feedback that was received just weeks before calling the bond. 

“The three proposals were a direct result of community feedback,” he said. “There were concerns over parking and the proposed two-story high school building came from input from the community.”

According to TISD, passage of A and B only would increase the tax rate by 41.77 cents, A only by 31 cents, B only by 7.42 cents, and C only by 2.62 cents. Over 65 taxes will be frozen at the current rate and will not go up.

Thorndale ISD will hold bond information meetings on the following nights: April 5 at 6 p.m. at the THS Band Hall; April 17 at 10 a.m. in the TISD Boardroom; and April 23 at 6 p.m. in the TISD Ag Building.