Sports Shorts - 3/8

Yoe athletics boosters seeking more parent support


The organization responsible for providing support for all Yoe athletic programs is looking for new parents to step up and volunteer their time.


On Monday, the Yoe Athletic Boosters met and discussed a variety topics, including events that they are responsible for handling and how to get more members involved with their weekly sporting events.


As of now, the membership in the booster club has been steady, but the help has steadily decreased.


“Our booster membership stays static,” said booster club president Greg Hoelscher. “People pay $20 a family, and that is great. I care more when you come when we need help. That has been dwindling.


Hoelscher will be stepping down as booster club president at the end of this sports year, and is trying to find a system that will help get more parents involved before new leadership steps in. The idea of having a sport coordinator has been thrown around.


“Franci Denio took over volleyball and she took care of the concession stand and she got help from the volleyball parents, said Hoelscher. “When we need help with an event, and it’s a girls event, I have all the help we need.”


In addition to running concessions stands, the boosters provide support for pre-game meals, charter buses, in addition to purchasing new equipment such as tennis backboards or basketball floor mats.


“The athletic department depends on the support we get,” Hoelscher added. “The high school staff has helped a lot covering the concession stand when we could not be there. If you’re child is playing a sport, we want you in the stands supporting. But when they aren’t, we need the help.”


Golf teams make long road-trip to Glen Rose


Despite traveling over two hours to Glen Rose on Monday, both Yoe golf teams had strong performances in a tournament that featured over 120 competitors.


The Yoemen took 5th place overall. Team standings saw Gatesville (323) in first, Mdiway (336) in second, Stephenville (341) in third, DeLeon (343) and Cameron Yoe (355).


Cameron’s number one golfer - Nikolas Keratsopoulos - sat out the tournament with an injury.


Kobe Young paced the Yoemen with an 82. Stockton Kruse (86), Luke Greene (91), Jale Walzel (96) and Braden Brashear (105) all shot rounds.


For the Lady Yoe, a golfer shot her personal best and the team finished in third place.


Keagan Galvan won first medalist with a career low 79, while her team finished with a 412.


Team standings: 1. Gatesville (379), 2. Stephenville (394), 3. Cameron Yoe (412), 4. Lorena (469), 5. Rosebud-Lott (490).


Cameron sends two girls powerlifters to state

The Lady Yoe powerlifting team will have two powerlifters compete at the state meet in Corpus Christi on March 17.


Selene Vargas, which finished 2nd overall in the 123 lb division with 655 pounds, and Daejanay Bell, which was third in the 259+ division with 820 pounds, are moving on.


Faith Kistler competed, and had a strong showing with a 3rd place finish at 605 total pounds in the 140 pound division. Yareli Contreras was fourth in the 259 class, coming it at 805 pounds.


The boys’ regional meet will take place this Saturday, March 10 at West High School.


Rockdale Relay Results


Varsity Girls

1600 M Run: Daisy Osorio (6th, 6:27.00); 200 M Dash: Zakara Bryson (1st, 26.62); 3200 M Run: Daisy Osorio (3rd, 14:09.50); 4x100 M Relay: Akasha Evans, Lyric Epperson, Ivory Casillas, Ashlee Balch (6th, 54.68); 4x200 M Relay: Akasha Evans, Lyric Epperson, Ivory Casillas, Ashlee Balch (5th, 1:58.96); High Jump: Zakara Bryson (4th, 4-06.00); Pole Vault: Faith Kistler (6th, 6-06.00); Shot Put: Brittney Moorer (6th, 32-02.75).


Varsity Boys

100 M Dash: DJ Daniels (4th, 11.02); 110 M Hurdles: Callyn Harris (5th, 16.97); 200 M Dash: Davion Bynaum (1st, 22.21); 4x100 M Relay: Dondrick Moore, Keandrew Moore, Levi May, DJ Daniels (4th, 44.20); 4x200 M Relay: Dondrick Moore, DJ Daniels, Davion Bynaum, Kadrian Hammond (1st, 1:32.09); 4x400 M Relay: Diego Martinez, Garrett Roeder, Davion Bynaum, Kadrian Hammond (3rd, 3:39.90); High Jump: James Shields (4th, 5-06.00); Shot Put: Adrian Lewis (5th, 41-01.00); Triple Jump: Dondrick Moore (5th, 40-05.50).


All teams will be at the Thrall meet on Thursday.