Court makes new POSGD appointments

By David Barkemeyer

Milam County Judge


This past week in Commissioner’s Court we voted on candidates for new four-year terms on the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors. Two incumbents were voted back on unanimously to serve a second term, Sidney Youngblood as the industrial representative and Durwood Tucker as the agricultural representative.

The third opening was that of the municipal representative. That spot had been filled by Kerry Starnes of Rockdale. Starnes had been on the board since it had been formed.  There were three nominees for his replacement - Chris Whittaker, City Manager of Rockdale; Keith Kiesling, City Manager of Thorndale; and Judith McGeary who had been nominated by Cameron and Milano City Councils, all of whom received votes from commissioner’s court members with Chris Whittaker winning the nomination in the runoff vote.

We want to thank Kerry Starnes on behalf of Commissioner’s Court as well as the citizens of Milam County for his years of service on the board. This is an important job, which takes a lot of time and patience with no compensation. If you see Mr. Starnes (as well as the other members of the board) it would be a good thing if we would all express our appreciation.

Those that were involved are very aware that there is a lot of controversy going on here and that this year’s nomination process was challenged.  As a result Commissioner’s Court, rather than reappointing the incumbents as I has proposed, asked for nominations, interviewed all candidates submitted, and voted independently in open court on the Dec. 26.

The underlying reason for this is that there is disagreement by some of our citizens with current rules and policies of the Post Oak Savannah Board.  Nothing wrong with this.  What is very important is that all county citizens make an effort to learn more and more about the issues and facts.  Groundwater as well as surface water issues are very very important to Milam County and to our future.  Half truths and incorrect information often divide us.

The members of the board are well informed.  They are also listening very carefully to those that are disagreeing with them as well.  In fact, this is one of the strengths of our community in that we have  opposition groups that are keeping board members on their toes to make sure they are not overlooking anything.

But please don’t accuse them of not caring about Milam and Burleson County interests or about the conservation of the aquifers beneath us.  These whom we appoint to the board are some of our most responsible citizens.