Cameron Elementary brings home first place in UIL contest

The Cameron Elementary UIL academic team took top honors at the District UIL competition this past week. This is a big accomplishment for these students.

Winners included:

Fifth Grade ART took second place team with Jacqueline McKinney placing second. Team members were Kiersten Hubnik, Samara Garret, Emily Rodriquez, and Addison Boyett. Rodriguez and Boyett tied for fifth place. Alternate team members were Tyler Williford and Reagan Akin.

Fifth Grade Listening took third place team with Tessa Vaculin placing sixth. Team members were Grace Cunningham, Reagan Akin, and alternate Zakyea Henderson.

Fifth Grade Number Sense took third place team with Eduardo Cardona placing fifth. Team members were Ariana Salazar, Zachary Frausto, and alternate Kenan Mingus.

In Fifth Grade Oral Reading Kenan Mingus got fourth place, Tessa Vaculin got second place, and Mackenzie Mahan got second place. Alternate was Reagan Akin.

Fifth Grade Dictionary Skills took first place team. Zachary Frausto got first place, Emily Rodriquez got second place. Team members were Emily Morgan and alternate Mackenzie Mahan.

In Fifth Grade Ready Writing Jayla Lenued placed fourth. Team members were Gabriel Cruz, Vianney Tapia and alternate Alex Rios.

Fifth Grade Spelling team placed first. Emily Morgan got first place, Ariana Salazar got second place. Team members were Kenan Mingus and alternate Jacqueline McKinney.

Fifth Grade Maps, Graphs, Charts team placed third. Team members are Zachary Frausto, Sebastian Banda and Landon Bishop who placed fifth. Alternate was Kingstin Rodriquez.

Fifth Grade Chess Puzzles placed second. Eduardo Cardona got third place, Bruce Jacoby got fourth place. Team members were Elijah Goodrum and alternate Emily Minatrea.

Fifth Grade Music Memory team place first with Alejandra Rivera placing first. Team members were Emily Minatrea, DaLana Mendoza, Addison Boyett show placed third, and Mireva Camarillo. Alternate was DaMiyah Johnson.

Fifth Grade Social Studies team placed third. Team members are Marissa Vargas, Amani Fields who placed sixth, Samara Garrett, and alternate LaShannon.

Fourth Grade Spelling team placed third. Brason Brock placed fifth and Emit Tapia placed sixth. Team members are Jasden Llanas and alternate Ivan Perez.

In Fourth Grade Oral Reading Kenley Harris placed second, Haven Berry placed first, Allie Henson placed sixth. Alternate was Katrina Cardona.

Fourth Grade Chess Puzzles team placed second. Kolton Driska placed second. Team members were Makayla Range, Logan Akin and alternate Luis Juarez.

Fourth Grade Music Memory team placed first. Allie Henson was fourth, Merci Kistier was third, Madison Toups was second, Dylan Stowe was first, Adison Dach was sixth. Alternates were Aubree Brashear and Yahtziry Saucedo.

In Fourth Grade Ready Writing Haven Berry placed fifth and Kelton Driska placed first. Team members were Kennedy Banks and alternate Jayme Tedford.

Fourth Grade ART was first place team. Saydi Wimmer was sixth place, Aubry Brashear was second place, Dylan Stowe was first place, Mason Kuzel third place, and team members were Makenna Bailey and alternates Angel Castillo and Merci Kistler.

Fourth Grade Nunber Sense team placed third. Team members are Cade Patterson, Logan Akin who placed sixth, Brason Brock who placed fifth, and alternate Kelton Driska.

In third Grade Spelling Jett Vaculin placed fourth. Other team members were Jessilyn Henderson, Daniel Rodriquez, and alternate Macade Patzke.

In Third Grade Story Telling Bailey Anderle placed fourth and Carlie Eason placed sixth. Team members were Brianna Mendoza and alternate Michelle Lopez.

Third Grade Music Memory was the first place team. Jadyn Parker placed second, Madilyn Orocio placed first, Imanl Salazar placed fourth, and Brianna Mendoza placed sixth. Team members were Emma Villalon and Beatrice Herrera Rangel and alternate Cheyenne Woemdel.

In Third Grade Ready Writing Bailey Anderle placed fifth. Other team members were Shawn Leifeste, Natalynn Freeman, and alternate Jessilynn Henderson.

Third Grade Chess Puzzles team was third place with Ethan Jacoby in fifth place. Team members were Jett Vaculin, Jacobe Scott and alternate Lillyanna Nuttall.