Josh Pratt's 3A DI Mock Realignment

The past few weeks I got a chance to sit down and hash out what I believe the UIl is going to do with 3A DI football for the next two seasons. It is very difficult to predict what the UIL will or will not do, and one team moving to another district can dramatically shift things and have a domino effect on everyone else. I have seen a few different mocks alignments, and mine differs as you would expect.


Don’t expect much change for Cameron

When February rolls around, I would not expect many changes for Cameron. It is very possible that all of the same teams that currently reside in the district return for two more seasons. One possible addition is Manor Tech, which is a new school in Manor ISD. They are probably two far north to put them with the likes of Lago Vista, Marion, Luling, and schools further south into San Antonio.


A second option

I actually did a few different alignments before settling on this projection. I believe there is another option that is viable, but less likely. With Crockett moving up from 3A DII, there is a possible alignment where you could see West enter Cameron’s district and have Franklin shift over to a more eastern district with the likes of Teague and Groesbeck.


One 5-team district

The UIL will want to limit 5-team districts, but with 2-3A I believe it’s necessary. Tornillo is very close to El Paso, and that is just not very close to anyone their size. That means that there is going to be a lot of travel involved with whomever they are playing. The UIL made this same district 5 teams a year ago, and I would not be surprised to see that stay the same.


The new teams in 3A DI

Orangefield, Diboll, Atlanta, Emory Rains, Columbus, Tatum, Gladewater, Lytle, Aransas Pass, Manor New Tech, Crockett, Lone Oak, Hooks, Karnes City, Boling, West Rusk, Dallas A+. The big change for 3A comes out in Northeast Texas where 6 new teams are coming into the mix. That will be something the UIL has to handle, but it should not be too difficult to figure out as you can place all of the teams in that area into two districts.