Realignment presents a number of options for Cameron

It’s no secret that Cameron is going to be on the bubble when the UIL announces the conference cutoff numbers for the bi-annual realignment sometime in December. Cameron turned in an enrollment number of 488 back in October. The cutoff number two years ago from 3A DI to 4A DII was 479, so if that number were to remain the same, Cameron would be moving back up a classification. Cameron moved down to 2A (now 3A) in 2010 and has been there ever since. At one point Cameron sat in the mid 350s, but growth has made that number steadily rise the past few years. At this point, I want to explore the different likely outcomes if Cameron stays put or moves up.


Staying in 3A - Football

If Cameron were to stay in class 3A, don’t expect many to any changes. We do know that Rockdale, Jarrell, Troy, McGregor and Academy will for sure be staying in 3A division one. Franklin is a team that I have not seen a cutoff number for and they will probably be close to dropping to division II. With that said, expect to see more of what you have seen the past two years if Cameron can manage to stay in class 3A.


Staying in 3A - All other sports

Much like like football, do not expect many to any changes with regards to the other sports district, which combine all 3A schools (division I and II) into districts. Besides Cameron potentially moving up, don’t be surprised to see Hearne move down to class 2A. Hearne turned in a number of 220, which is currently 9 below the expected cutoff number of 229. Troy has moved back and forth and could find themselves back in 20-3A, especially if Cameron and Hearne were to move out.


Moving to 4A - Football

There are going to be two viable options if Cameron were to move up to 4A division II. The current projected cutoffs for 4A DII are 485 to 784. The current 10-4A district has 6 total teams, and if those numbers were to hold up, two teams would be leaving the district. Columbus sits at 476, which would move them down to 3A DI, while Gonzales is at 789, which would move them up to 4A DI. That leaves Caldwell, Giddings, La Grange and Smithville, and the UIL will not want to have a 4-team district.


Another option will be the current 9-4A, which has Fairfield, Lorena, Mexia, Robinson, Salado and Connally. All of these teams are expected to stay put in this division, and that seems to make it more likely that Cameron would go south instead of into this more northern district.


Moving to 4A - All other sports

To go along with football, there are going to be a few options for Cameron for all other sports in 4A. The most likely scenario probably sees the Yoemen joining the likes of Caldwell, Giddings, La Grange, Navasota and Smithville in what is the current 20-4A. Another option would be 17-3A, which has China Spring, Gatesville, Hillsboro, Lorena, Robinson, Connally and La Vega. It

seems more logical to increase 20-4A to 6 teams instead of moving 17-4A to 8 teams.