County calls for candidates for Post Oak Savannah Board of Directors

The Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District was created by the Texas Legislature in 2001 to manage and conserve the groundwater beneath Milam and Burleson counties. 

The Commissioners Court of each county appoints five citizens from their county to serve on a Board of Directors that governs the District. The positions are appointed to alternating four year terms, three of the Milam County positions are up for new four year terms beginning in January 2018. 

The law specifies that each position is to represent a specific interest; one is to represent municipal interests, another agricultural interests and the third industrial interests. These are very important assignments. 

The Commissioners Court of Milam County has asked the city councils of Buckholts, Cameron, Milano, Rockdale and Thorndale to each submit one candidate to be considered for selection to the municipal representative seat.

We are inviting citizens of Milam County who are interested and qualified to serve either as an agricultural or industrial representative to submit a resume to a county commissioner or to the county judge by Dec. 1 if you are willing to be considered along with other applicants for one of these board positions. Resumes may be turned in at the county judge’s office at the courthouse in Cameron. Individuals may not submit other individuals as candidates.

Qualifications and instructions for agricultural representative applicants:

Bona fide agricultural producers who derive a substantial portion of their income from agriculture in Milam County may submit a resume that describes your background, qualifications, portion of your income derived from agriculture, and interest in groundwater issues. You must be a resident of Milam County. You may include letters of support and/or petitions bearing signatures of supporters, although this is not required. Organizations such as Farm Bureau, Chambers of Commerce or clubs may not submit names but may support individual applicants.

Qualifications and instructions for industrial representative applicants:

Industrial candidates may either be submitted by their sponsoring company, or any individual that currently has an active industrial interest may submit a resume. The candidate must represent an existing industrial enterprise that currently manufactures or produces a product in the county. The candidate must be a resident of Milam County and must anticipate living here for the next four years. The candidate’s resume must describe his or her background, qualifications, the industrial interest(s) represented, and your interest in groundwater issues. Industrial candidates may also include letters of support.

Consult the Milam County website at for a more detailed description of the board duties and for more details on the selection process.